Saturday, January 16, 2010

To Sweat or not to Sweat?

Happy Saturday! Looks like we have a beuatiful day out there in the Boston area today.  Right now it's 38 degrees and sunny, but I hear it might be pushing 50 later this afternoon.  Yay!

My head is a bit foggy this morning and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I think. Either that or I'm just tired from a stressful week at work. I feel like I have been fighting a cold for a week now.  It's never really come out fully but I know its there. I really think Bikram and EmergenC have been keeping it at bay. As I type this post I'm trying to decide if I want to head to yoga this afternoon. Part of me is saying go! That's the part of me who immediately put on some of my yoga clothes after my shower in preparation.  The other part of me is saying...oh please don't go. This body of yours is tired and doesn't want to move and sweat. Your mind doesn't want to be aggravated when the room is too cool and the fans come on. I honestly don't know what I'll do.

So if you've been reading this week you know I had a big project deadline yesterday.  I'm so happy to report that I completed the project on time and didn't have to get an extension.  My goal was to finish it up and not carry it with me over the weekend and into next week. There will be a follow up part of the project but the hard part of it is done...Thankfully! I hit the send button and off my report went at 4:30pm. What a great feeling.  Naturally I decided to stick around the office a bit late to clean some things up I have been neglecting all week. Hate coming in to a pile of unfinished work on Monday (or Tuesday this coming week!).  I almost always try to leave on time on Fridays. Didn't exactly work out that way again this Friday . Managed to head out around 6:30 last night. Later than I would like but no too bad.

After a trip to the market I got home and had a pounding headache. The kind that makes you feel sick to your stomach. I figured it was a stress thing so worked the pressure points to release it. If I can take care of a headache this way I rather do it than popping an Aleve or such.  I'm not against them, just don't like to take them that much. I did manage to release the headache and felt a little better. Decided at this point hanging in would be the best idea.

So here I am still unsure...Will I go to 3:30 Bikram, will I sweat or will I listen to the part of my head that's saying your body is tired? Don't know. I need to head out and run some errands and will bring my yoga bag with me. If my car heads in that direction and stops infront of the studio around 3:00, then I'll go in. If not, that's ok too.  No pressure.

I know many of you out there are nursing colds so I hope you guys are feeling better.  Take care everyone and enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. What a releife to end a project! You should be happy and proud of yourself!

    Fighting a cold and knowing that you can't get sick is a great combination for it to bloom out the moment you start to relax, I hope it doesn't bloom out on you.

    (Just came home and saw that I hadn't posted this comment yesterday...)