Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bikram Yoga Love

Good morning! Here we go again...More Snow! It really just needs to stop already. You listening Mother Nature? Woke up this morning to the white stuff falling from the sky again. I feeling like I live in one of those snow globes you shake up. I'm trying not to listen to the news because it's making me sad but looks like we are in for another Foot plus of snow today into tomorrow.  And just to put a lovely spin on the whole mess there's another storm backing in off the water too that will be bringing with it winds of 40 to 50 MPH along with yes, more snow. Just another beautiful day in the the neigborhood my friends.  A friend of mine keeps texting me from Flordia where he's on vacation. It's beautiful and sunny.  One more pic of a palm tree and the sun shining on the ocean and swear I'm going to block him from my phone (just kidding...happy your having fun). I guess the fact that he has to come back to all this tomorrow makes me feel a just little better :).

Ok, now that I've vented about the weather, on to the good and positive stuff. Yesterday I went to the 4:30 New Year's Day class with Chris.  One word...Devine. A few new people in class, which is to be expected with the New Year's resolutions people set. I trust there will be lots of new people during the next couple of weeks. I actually like helping the newbies along during class.  Encouraging them.  We've all been there right? 
Set my mat up in the far right, front corner.  Before class starts this guy I don't recognize sets his mat up between me and another girl. I could just tell he was going to be trouble.  Oh yes, I could see right away he was going to be a loud breather and fidgety (he was both by the way). I even toyed with moving my mat spot but the girl on the other side said...Nope, you're staying right there, will be a good test of your mental strength. I laughed and said ok, ok. A test...yes, indeed it would be!

Class was great. I felt strong and happy and class flowed nicely.  Chris, as usual, was his wonderful self.  Such a great teacher.  During standing head to knee I was thinking about how I use to hate this posture.  Now? Now I look forward to it! Love the challenge of the pose. The temp was good and I was so happy the doors didn't opend and the fans didn't turn on at all.  It stayed nice and hot in the room for most of the class. Heat is good folks! We've only got spine twisting and breathing left now and there I was thinking...We're done already? No way! Maybe I should hang around for the 6:30 and do a double? I didn't, but I really could have.  I left the studio so happy. I've been having good classes lately but this class? This class left me feeling elated. I haven't had this kind of yoga high since the Challenge.  I felt like during this class I found my Bikram Yoga love again.  So good to see you again my friend, I've missed you! So good.

Today I'm off to the 3:00 with Hannane.  I really, really hope class is not cancelled due to the snow! Chris is teaching the 10:00 right now so I plan to call when that gets out to confirm they will be there.  Being in the hot room while you can see the snow falling outside the studio windows is a lovely scene.

Oh!  And guess what? Remember how Sherie came to our studio to guest teach a few weeks back? She's coming back to Quincy Bikram Yoga Full Time! Yay!  Such a great teacher and wonderful addition to our already awesome teacher rotation.  Welcome back Sherie.

To think about on this Saturday..."You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt.  Don't be afraid to try new things guys.  Go after what you want. The only failure will be if you do not try. Let's all do something outside of our comfort zones. To really challenge ourselves.  I know myself I tend to stick with things that are comfortable to me. I plan on changing that!

Ok guys, just took a break from this post to clear the snow off my car and I'm back in my nice warm house again.  So much fun (not really). Just called the studio and they will be open for the 3:30 this afternoon.  So that's my plan. 3:30 class after I make a pit stop at a friends house. Hoping I have another great class today!

Hoping you all have a great Saturday!  Enjoy the sun or snow, depending on where you are.



  1. you are a true bikram badass, clear the snow off your car? i know it's a hot room but bravo to you for not staying indoors ~ drive safe and sweat a lot for me!

  2. Glad they didn't close your studio due to some snow. We have -10C and lots of snow and still more is coming. Hope you had a great class.

  3. Loud breathers... I've had teachers point that out numerous times to people as proof they're not breathing correctly. But if It's a new person, fine. As long as they stay in the room!

  4. Emmie: Thanks!
    M: "Bikram Badass" I love it! I was talking to my sister yesterday and we were saying only Bikram yogi's would come out in the snow for a class. everyone else is home under a cozy blanket!
    Happy: Don't you just love winter. Ugh! Hope your snow has stopped!
    G: This guy is new to our studio but i think he comes to us from another studio. He's just loud in everything he does. He would probably conserve energy if he just relaxed a little bit. Have a great day!

  5. Your teacher rotation, however, is getting smaller every week. Have you noticed anyone missing? I guess when you're not there for every class, it wouldn't be obvious right away...

    Gotta LOVE those new england winters. The hot yoga room was always a nice contrast.

  6. Hi DancingJ: Yeah, getting really very concerned about the teacher rotation. No more Jen, Sarah, Jackie...Not sure what's going on, but noticing it for sure. People are talking about it and of course rumors are flying. Do you have any idea what's going on with the studio? Drop me an email me if you have any info. Thanks!