Monday, January 25, 2010

Sore Muscles...And That's a Good Thing!

Good Monday morning everyone! I slept like a log last night. Usually I’ll wake up a few minutes before my alarm sounds, but not today. When the alarm went off I just rolled over and was like...Ugh, I’m still tired! I think it’s in part because of the really dreary day outside. It’s warm though. They are talking about near record temps today of around 57 degrees! Too bad the sun wasn’t out for us to enjoy. Oh well, can’t have it all right?

In yesterday’s post I talked about working to my maximum in class. It felt great to do that in class yesterday morning and I could notice a huge difference. Things opened up more and I could feel the muscles doing what they were suppose to. Sometimes I hold back in class and don’t really go to my maximum right away. That’s not a good habit and it’s something I’m trying to get better at.

Well, let me tell ya, this morning I noticed the difference even more! I can’t remember the last time my muscles were truly sore from a workout. Today? Oh yes, today I have sore muscles. Sore in a very good way, mind you. Just slightly sore, not painful. When I got out of bed this morning and felt the soreness as my feet hit the ground I smirked. Soreness in my back, in my abs and in my legs. This was validation to me that I worked my body hard yesterday. That I worked to my edge.
The soreness is kind of like the prize. Sherie keeps telling me to work harder. Yesterday I listened and did. And today I’m happy for it. My body is happy for it.

I stretched out this morning before getting ready for work. That’s really all it took to make my muscles feel nice and loose again.

So next class no slacking for me. Not that I ever sit postures out, but I DO just go through the motions at times. I know where I can get to in postures and that’s where I need to get to right out of the gate. Stop holding back Traci. No saving it for second set. Any other 2nd setters out there? Just go for it. That’s why we’re there, that’s why we’re practicing this yoga right? To get the most out of it that we can. If I don’t give it my all while I’m in that room, why am I even there? And on any given day my all could be different depending on what happened outside the studio. Busy day at work, not enough sleep, not feeling well. All play a role in how my practice will go. The point is to work to your edge, wherever it’s at that day. Oh sure we hear leave all that stuff outside the studio. But sometimes I think it’s ok to bring it in with you and work through it.

Here’s what I know: To get the most you have to give the most. And of course that goes with each and everything in life. If I want a relationship I have to be willing to let my guard down a little and let someone in. If I want to advance professionally, I need to work hard and show my dedication. If I want my Bikram practice to be at the level I want it to be at, I need to work hard. No fears. No excuses. Just get it done.

Well, I’m off to focus on my Monday now. Lot’s to do! I had planned on Bikram this evening but I’ll just have to see how the day goes.

And remember “A great flame follows a little spark” Dante ...Always does.

Cheers! Traci


  1. I love that feeling the next day after you take it to the max in that room. It's not really soreness so much as awareness of the muscles. It's an awesome feeling! Happy Monday! Have a GREAT week!

  2. BYC: YES! That's it. Awareness of the muscles. So good. Hope you are doing well!