Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arms & Abs

Hi guys. How is it that getting up for the 2nd day back to work after vacation is harder than the 1st? I really didn’t want to get up this morning. Usually once I’m up I hit the ground running. This morning? Well, this morning I was dragging. Actually was dragging until about 9:30 this morning. Right around that time it was like this fog lifted and I felt like I was getting back into the groove here at work. Maybe it was the nice Teekane Energizing Cinnamon Apple Spice tea? Seriously have accomplished a lot this morning and I have to say it feels good! Still...it’s so hard getting back to normal after the holidays huh?

Pretty non stop all day yesterday and was honestly a little spent at the end of it. Managed to get out of here around 6, so not too late, but I was tired. Funny thing happened though. By the time I reached home I somehow found this amazing energy. No idea where it came from. On the drive home I could actually feel myself re-energizing. I felt like all this fresh oxygen was rushing through my body. I really wanted to hit the road and head out for a run. The music was getting me pumped and I could see myself cruising along the streets. If you run don’t you love that song “Empire State” to run to? Really gets me charged.

Checking out the sidewalks...hmmm still looking a little snow packed and icy. Not ideal for running, but as you know that doesn’t hold me back. Wait. Stop. Time to rethink where I was going with this. I told myself I would give the street running a break for a couple of days to see if I can get this nagging hip flexor problem better. I pretty much either run or practice Bikram every night, so not to do either is really hard for me. I did the short 2 miles on the treadmill in the morning, but really that was just like a little warm up. Anyway, I decided to stick to my plan and rest my hip. A couple days rest won’t kill me, hell might even help the healing. Hope so.

Given the fact I’m really not the type to sit on the couch when I get home I decide it’s a good night to work arms and abs. Turn on the Bose and bang out just a quick 30 minutes or so at home. When I work out at home I use strength bands. Love them. Anyway, just felt good to move the body. After dinner and a bath I settled in to watch the guilty pleasure TV... The Bachelor! Anyone else want to admit it?

This show is hysterical. Sucks me in every time. What are these girls thinking? You know a guy for a couple of hours and you’re crying over him. Good God ladies. That was followed by a show I really thought was a joke. Anyone catch this one last night... “The Conveyor Belt of Love” YIKES! Bad, bad, bad. These girls sit on chairs and watch men go by on a conveyor belt and select the one they want a date with. Not good. TV programming at its best I guess. Oh, I don’t know maybe that’s how I can find my soul mate!

Random but it’s cracking me up. Here at the office everywhere I go I hear people talking about their New Year’s diets. People are talking about how much they need to loose, how they can’t believe how much they have gained. One guy’s on Nutrisystem (he gained 14 lbs over the holidays!), one girl’s on Southbeach other people are just having skimpy looking salads for lunch. I don’t like to preach (ok, I actually do, and might just be just a tad opinionated, but I’m trying to hold my tongue) but I would love to tell these people they shouldn’t look at it as a diet. They need to look at it as a lifestyle change. If they do these diets and go back to old bad habits it’s just going to be the same cycle over and over again. I’ve seen some of these same people loose and re-gain the same weight over and over and over. Not only is that not good for the body it can’t be good for the mind. Just eat healthy, move the body, be happy and everything will fall into place. And it doesn’t matter what type of activity: Running, yoga, biking, swimming, tennis, pilates and so on...doesn’t matter. The key is to move the body. Our bodies were meant to move. And moving feels so good.

And that’s part of the reason I place my workout schedules on my office wall. Sometimes when others see it, it motivates them to get moving too! Can be kind of contagious.

Ok I think that’s all for today. Looks like I have Bikram on my schedule at 6:30 tonight with Maria. Many people are concerned at our studio because the teacher rotation is getting smaller and smaller. Not sure what’s happening but would like to get a clearer understanding this week. I guess that’s one of my mini goals for the week. Also, I think it’s odd what they are doing with the heat. It’s like they shut it down halfway into class. One of the girls commented they are trying to save money. Just so many questions about the studio right now. Hoping to find some answers. You guys know I love my Bikram and would hate to see anything happen to the studio.

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Yeah, it’s true. Time won’t change a thing, I have the power to change things. Me. If I want something I need to go after it and make it happen.

On that note...Hope you all have an awesome Tuesday!



  1. I DID watch the first 20 mins of the bachelor. That was all I could take. I usually get hooked later when there are less people left in the running and the cat fighting begins! :)
    And the bachelor himself...hard to believe he's had alot of first dates and has a hard time with second date. Something doesn't sound right here, I mean just look at him! He's a doll!
    And I'll confess, I'm one of those people on a diet right now. But it's not really a diet. It's just me trying (always) to ditch bad habits and incorporate healthy eating into my life permanently. So many of us struggle with it.
    LOVE that song!!! Now it's stuck in my head...."in New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York!!!"
    I'm going to have a song headache. LOL

  2. I have to admit as well, I am on half a diet. The Husband is on GI and that is changing everyting around but I am feeling great with eating so much more proteins and cutting down on carbohydrates so I am kind of happy with it.

  3. BYC: Jake the new Bachelor is sooo cute. I think he's waiting for me ;)haha! I can't get the song out of me head either. That at the Fireflies song. Both stuck in my head!

    HappyYogi: Oh good! See, not a diet but a change in the way you eat. Great your feeling good with it :)

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  6. DancingJ: Thx...Just sent you an email
    BigG: So good! Have a great class tonight!

  7. would you mind letting me know? francamaria72@gmail.com I'm VERY concerned. But with Sherie coming back, I'm sure with whatever's going on, things will turn around. She will help keep the classes packed.