Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink's into Yoga

Good Morning guys! So the good news? Sun is still shining here in Boston. Not so good news? Still cold. But looks like we are going to miss that storm tomorrow so we’ll have a snow free weekend! Yay.

Just got out of my weekly meeting with my boss and look what I got! It’s Pink Panther Yoga. Complete with yoga cards and a little Pink Panther to put in positions! He’s going to sit right on my desk and make me smile all day. As you can see I had him hanging out on my keyboard for a little bit. And look he even does my favorite pose Camel!  I know, I’m a complete geek right?

Anyway, I decided to start my computer alarm clock idea next week. Just too much on my plate here at work this week to make sure I leave in time for 6:30 yoga. It was about 6pm last night and my boss was still here too. Looks in and says “burning the midnight oil huh TK”. Packed up and left around 6:30. Which isn’t too late but it’s funny that our office is like a ghost town after 5pm. Seriously, there are 700 people here and the mass exodus cracks me up everyday from 5:00-5:15pm. I always seem to get so much done from 5-6 because it’s so quiet.

I get home and decide to head outside in the cold, dark night for a run. Brrrr. Once you get out there it’s not so bad. Really. The hardest part is getting your HEAD out the door. So as usual I drop my bags and immediately change to brave the elements while eating a PowerBar. Got some really awesome cold weather running tights, hat and gloves for Christmas presents (I’m so easy to buy for: Get me running or yoga gear and I’ll love it! Oh, jewelry works too, no doubt). Jumped into all the gear. Strapped on my new reflector. This thing rocks. Its battery operated and glows bright orange. When I say bright I mean BRIGHT. You can also set it to blinking, but I just use the solid light. On come the tunes. Carefully stretch out my hip and I’m off. Not the best run, but winter runs are like that for me. Give me summer time hot runs any day! Got in 4 miles in about 36 plus minutes. No speed records set for sure but good to get the run in. This morning the hip was not happy though.

Last night it would have been so easy for me to just get home, make dinner and call it a night. But on my drive home, on my running route I came across a guy running with what looked like the same reflectors as mine. Soon as I saw him the motivation kicked in. I sat up a little straighter in my car, grasped the steering wheel, turned up the radio, car danced to Britney’s “3” and committed to a run. Doesn’t take a lot to motivate me. I tend to be pretty competitive. So if he can do it...Well then so can I!

Whew...Today I have packed my schedule with meetings. Meetings: 9:30 (done); 10:30 (done); 11:00 (on my right after I hit Post); 1:00; 2:00; 2:30; 3pm; 4pm. Lot’s of talking today! But tomorrow is Friday....

Pink Panther Yogaism: You may not have your own finger-snapping theme music, but follow the Panther’s lead and always do your own thing!

Cheer to a good day guys!



  1. Ah, I love your little pink panther!!!

  2. I am SO envy of your little pink yoga panther! So cute and adorable!

    I'm usually at work just after 7 am just to get those quite hours before the meetings kick in and everybody wants to talk to me.

  3. Thanks girls! I love my little pink guy. He's hanging from the wall doing Tree Pose right now. I usually get to the office between 7a and 7:30 to. I love the quiteness of it before the day gets crazy! Hope you both have a great class tonight :)

  4. hahaha love your pink panther yogi. I want one!!!