Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfecting Savasana...Or Trying

Good Monday morning everyone!  Oh it's a cold one out there for sure. And in my office the thermometer on my desk said 63 degrees this morning.  Too cold for me to work in!  I think I heard on the news this morning we are in line for a warm up to the 40's sometime later this week.  Yes please.  That would feel good!

I figured I would write a quick post before getting my day going. Actually I think I might just be procrastinating delving into my work!

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday there are some postures I really want to work on during the next month. Our studio is beginning another Challenge today.  I'm not doing it this time around, but I thought it would be good to have my own litttle Challenge.  Not a Challenge for days practiced, but a Challenge to get better at a few postures. Of course I could work on EVERY single posture.  But I decided to focus on just a few right now. So without further delay I present to you the poses:
  1. Standing Head to Knee, left leg kick out: This one hinges a lot on my hip getting better, but I want to work on kicking out the left leg again.  Before I injured my hip flexor I could kick out, legs locked. Now I can only kick out the right leg.  Hopefully once the pain eases I can start to work on it.
  2. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee: I know, not the toughest posture.  But for some reason I just can't seem to balance to get my hands in prayer, right side.  Left side? No problem. Both sides forehead is on the knee and legs are locked,  but on that right side I just can't seem to go back to prayer without toppling over. 
  3. Full Locust:  Get the legs up!  Try as I might I never get them up high enough. Think I need to work on the set up a little more maybe? This is a toughie for me.
  4. Bow Pose:  Mine is not bad, but could be so much better.  When I look at some other people's Bows I'm like...Oh, that's how it should really look.  
  5. And rounding out the list of 5 is...Savasana. Silly right?  But this is honestly a hard one for my personality type.  My mind is constantly going a mile a minute. So to shut it down for even two minutes is a big challenge for me.  Teachers know this and can probably see my mind working and always say...Let it go Traci. I just smile and look up at the red stars on the studio ceiling.
Obviously there are so many more things to work on, but I'll be taking them on in groups of 5.  Once I get to where I want to be, I'll move onto another goal. 

Oh, when I came in this morning Pink was still in Savasana and looking oh so rested! Here he is waving at ya'll and saying Happy Monday! And isn't that a cute pic of my nephews in the backround.  Oh how I wish it was beach weather right now!

Ok guys, enough procrastinating. I'm off to a 10:30a strategy meeting now.  Wishing everyone a great day and start to the week.  If you're doing the 101 Day Challenge I hope you're having a great experience so far and staying strong (mentally & physically)!  Think of me as the Cheerleader cheering all of you on from Boston. Go Challengers!



  1. The key to getting those legs up in full locust is the really squeeze the inner thighs together and get your toes/heels touching. Then picture your legs in that cobra tail extending toward the back wall, then up in the air. Good luck with your posture challenge!

  2. Oh, savasana's not silly at ALL - it is one of the two hardest postures in the class! I believe that savasana and standing head to knee are the only postures in the class that would be considered "advanced"... or at least "not beginner."

  3. Hi girls! Thanks for your words! Oh Full Locust!!! I seriously take a deep breath every set up and might even roll my eyes. Going to try some of your suggestions tomorrow Michelle. And Savasana gets me every time, every single time! Really have to do a better job quieting my mind. But it's good to know it's thought of as one of the hardest postures in series. Thanks Juliana!

  4. Shutting out the head is hard, I started a new tactic yesterday: "then it is so" it is so hard to shut it up.

    In Standing separete head to knee I got the advice to contract both legs and like the feet wants to move together and then curv the back like the back is a heavy sack with a handle on that someone is lifting. Then there is stability so the arms to straighten into prayer-position. Hope this makes sense.