Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jolted out of Bed!

Morning  to ya!
Early this morning I was jolted out of bed by an extremely loud horn sounding. It sounded like a freight train was going through my bedroom! After my eyes popped open I looked out the window to see the biggest tanker I have ever seen leaving the harbor escorted by tugboats. Tankers come and go all the time, but this thing was gigantic and loud! Not an ideal way to usher in the morning, but at least I was up nice and early to do some light stretching. Always a bright side of things, huh?

I was at the office late last night. I was here late probably for 2 reasons:
1) because I was catching up on things and I like the quietness to do that after hours and 2) because I knew I couldn’t workout. I was procrastinating leaving because I was sad about not being able to run or go to yoga! And much to my chagrin I stuck to my no running/no yoga last night. Instead I did some arms & planks. Here’s what I did:

1. Pushups
2. Bicep Curls
3. Shoulder Presses
4. Tricep Dips
5. Overhead Extensions
6. Planks
7. Side Planks
8. Stretching

I wanted to do some Bikram postures but I realized pretty much all of them seem to pull at my hip flexor. Decided not to.

We have a great gym in our building here at work. I don’t really use the one here but it’s actually excellent. Weights, about 20 treadmills, elipticals, bikes etc., tv's, locker rooms & showers...We are definitely a company that believes in fitness and want to support those who want to be healthy. So there’s a group of trainers and one of the benefits for our employees is we can have an assessment done by them. They’ll create a plan specifically for you. The owner of the training company is awesome. Former Captain in the Marines, Triathelete (Iron Man and others), Marathoner, has climbed various mountains...really just the fittest guy I have ever met. Pretty hard core. He also leads our Boot Camp on Friday mornings. Outside. Rain or Shine. In snow, in rain, in single digit temps, whatever. They are out there. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, I think I might go see him to set me up with a good routine while my hip heals. I sense it would be helpful. Have to keep the body moving!

Well, hope you all have a great, productive Thursday. Have to get to work at checking lots of things off my “to do” list!


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