Friday, January 8, 2010

"Friday, I'm in Love"

Well, I'm not really in love but I am in Love with the fact that it Friday! And I love The Cure too.
Happy Friday! Looks like we did it...We made it through the first full work week of the New Year! And as I write this post, looking out the window there is the lightest little snow flurry falling from the sky. The tiniest, weakest snowflakes drifting down from gray skies above. It's the kind of snow that keeps falling but is so light it never really adds up to anything on the ground. I think we are only supposed to get an inch or so today. Not bad.

This is the first Friday I've been in the office since the end of November. Feels strange to be here. Of course it would be just lovely to be off, go to an early yoga class, and enjoy the day. I'll admit that when my alarm went off this morning I shut it down thinking I was staying right where I was in my cozy bed. Needless to say I woke up again about 30 minutes later and quickly realized my mistake. Panicked, I bolt out of said cozy bed and the mad rush to get ready begins. Thankfully, every night I prepare my clothes, food etc. for the next day. Saves valuable minutes in the morning. I literally have my mornings down pat. Seriously, I leave the house at the exact same time every day. One day I left like 4 minutes late and my neighbor actually said...A little late today huh? I had to chuckle at that one. People could set their watches by my schedule! Whew... Not a good way to start the day off. Whenever I get up late my whole day just feels off. It's the worst! Hopefully it gets better :)

At the office just a touch late last night. Made it out of here by around 6:15. It was seriously like a ghost town, felt like it could have been 9pm! I'm actually happy to see people get out of here on time. The whole work/life balance thing is so important. I need to remember that sometimes.

Made it home and headed out for a 4 mile run. Was a bit warmer around 32 degrees and actually thought I could have shed a layer. Sad when 32 feels like a heat wave! 60 would feel like the Hot Room right now! My mileage has been light lately but I'm trying to get this hip better. It's taking so freaking long. Hoping I can get some longer runs in soon. The longer runs feel so amazing. I can't wait for the spring when it's light out and warmer for my runs. Can Not Wait. Dinner, shower, catch up on emails bed. Exciting Thursday night huh?

Been thinking about mixing up my workout routine a bit. Things I'm thinking of trying out and adding into my routine. Pilates, Zumba (I LOVE to dance) and Body Pump (the core can never be too strong!). All are offered at the Quincy Athletic Club so that’s where I'll be trying them. Of course I'll also be doing Bikram and running. Just want to spread the love around for my workouts. I'm an equal opportunity workout girl!

And guess what? I finally have convinced 2 of the sales guys I work with to join me for a Bikram class! These guys are in top shape and work our pretty hard core everyday. They even do our company Boot Camp on Friday mornings at 6am. Tough, tough class with a former Marine Captain and TriAthelete leading the charge. I'll just say there's telephone poles and sandbags involved. Outside...Even in the single digits weather. They tried to get me there...Ummmm no thanks, I'll have to politely decline that invite boys. And when I told one of our Premier Account Managers about the boys joining me she said she might too! She worked out all the time before she had baby Ava last year. Currently she's on a diet and I told her she might just fall in love with Bikram! She was a total cheerleader for me during my Challenge and her interest is piqued. So next Tuesday at 6:30 with Maria is the day they'll be joining me. So much fun! Of course boys being boys they say...Can we set up in the back and just watch the girls. Ha-ha guys...Nope! They're both ultra competitive so I know they'll give it their all. Can't wait!

Ok, I think I 'm finally settling into the day since waking up late this morning threw me all off! This afternoon I kind of packed my schedule again with meetings: 1p; 1:30p; 2p; 2:30p; 3p & 4p. I'm sure I'll be running late all afternoon since I scheduled them so tight. Happy Friday!

Any good plans for the weekend? I'm actually looking forward to the first weekend in a while that hasn't been mapped out yet! I do know that Bikram is on my schedule for sure. Looking forward to a couple of good Hannane classes. I feel the Sweat that is!

Pink Panther Yogaism "Dream big, but don't forget to help other achieve their dreams, too"

Oh and Pink is currently practicing Standing Bow Pulling on my desk.

Cheers and hugs all!

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  1. I think we need some more pictures of Pink! Too cute.