Sunday, January 10, 2010

Full House and a Pat's Loss

Hello!  Hope you all had a nice Sunday.  Sadly our Patriot's lost to the Baltimore Ravens in a season ending game.  And they lost bad.  I can't even bring myself to publish the final score.  Oh well, we still have the Celts, Bruins and believe it or not Spring Training for the Red Sox is just around the corner.  As soon as that starts it kind of gives us hope around these parts that warmer weather isn't too far away. Right now I feel like it's never going to get warm again.  Every year around this time it just feels so dark, so cold, so frozen.  We need a January thaw...badly.  Please oh please give us a thaw. Enough with the 10 degree mornings.

Before the disastrous football game this afternoon, I enjoyed a devine Bikram class! I got myself up early for the 10am.  I was puttering around the house, taking my time and pulled out of the driveway around 9:40am.  Keep in mind I am ALWAYS at the studio :30 before class. I have no idea what I was thinking this morning.  I pull up to the studio at 9:50 while talking to my mom on the phone.  Finally at 9:55 I realize class starts in 5 minutes!  Crap! Gotta go I think I thought class was at 10:30 for some reason.  Don't know. Anyway I sign in, tear off my shoes, grab my mat and open the Hot Room door.  WhamWhat the....I have never seen that many people there on a Sunday morning.  Seriously looked like Thanksgiving morning again.  Actually less  bodies than that but there were I think 48 people? Ugh. 
I was now one of those late people entering the room with her mat looking around like hmmmm...where to set up. Looking like a lost little girl. Anyone feel like being nice and helping me squeeze in? Or must I gently force myself in somewhere.  People made room.  But I was wayyyy in the back.  Been a really long time since a took a spot back here.  This will be good, I thought.  Will give me a different perspective and make me challenge myself.  Yep.  Completely different when you are looking at lots of backs rather than yourself.

Class was lovely. Lovely I say.  Just one loud breathing guy which is always funny.  The entire room was silent sans this one loud guy.  He's going on a month practicing I think.  He even talked a few times.  People...Shhhhh...Please. Thanks. 

I think my hip is starting to get better slowly.  I notice it most on Standing Head to Knee.  Right side I can kick out no problem, no pain and pull my elbows down.  Even got my forehead to my knee.  Left leg? Nope. Not happening.  Pain, pain, pain. So I just stood holding my foot up.  No kicking out on that side until this thing heals.  Overall class was great.  I made a mental note of some postures I really want to work on.  I'll save that info for another post as this one is getting pretty long.

Ohhh guys...It's Sunday evening and that can only mean one thing. Tomorrow is Monday.  I love my job, I do, but I could always us one more day of rest. Don't you agree?  Would 3 day weekends  rock or what? Have a very challenging work week ahead of me. Already stressing about the sheer magnitude of work ahead of me.  One thing at a time. Just take it one thing at a time right? Not sure what that means for Bikram this week.  I'm going to bring my yoga bag with me and just see how the days play out.  Best I can do. Don't want to over promise or commit myself.

Well, Enjoy the final hours of your Sunday.  I just got home a little bit ago and I plan on totally decompressing with a magazine (Yoga Journal...of course), a bath and I think some bad TV.  I should mention I might just be a magazine junkie but that's our little secret, ok? Shhhhhh!

Happy night to ya'll!  Until tomorrow friends...
Cheers! Traci


  1. I have always been a big proponent of the "four tens" but most companies just wont do it! bummer!
    crowded class for you but good! Yay!

  2. BYC: Four tens would be great! Think about how much you could get done with that extra day. Nice to dream. The hot room felt so great this weekend. I can't wait to get back to more consistent practice once work settles a bit.