Monday, January 18, 2010

Hot Room I Love You!

Hi Everyone!  Did you all enjoy your Monday?  We had a day off for the Martin Luther King Holiday today. Even though it was cold, sleeting and flurrying I didn't care.  A day off is a day off. Am I right? Kind of weird because most people were actually working today, but  good anyways.

I toyed with either the 9:30am Bikram this morning or the 4:30pm.  I felt like being lazy this morning and easing into my day so I opted for the 4:30.  I have no idea where the first half of the day went. Honestly, before I knew it, it was 1:00pm and I was still puttering around the house. Yikes. I better get moving or the whole day will be a bust.  When I actually have a free day I hate to waste it doing nothing. Does that sound weird? Anyway, so I grab my yoga stuff and head out. And I have no plan on where I'm going.  If you know me well you know this is not like me at all. I always have a plan. A list. An agenda. I found myself at Sports Authority where they were having a great sale.  I was in there for a pretty long time and I was happy to see it was time to make my way to the studio. I came to the conclusion I'm no good without an agenda or a plan of action. I just feel lost. Good God I'm such a structured person! Too structured perhaps? I don't know. It works for me so I guess it's ok.

Anyway, the 4:30 class with Chris. Get there at 4:00 and set my mat up in the front corner.  Unfortunately the smelly guy (I hate to be mean, but them are the facts folks) sets up beside me and is lying there with his legs wide open making some strange noises. I guess warming up? Hmph. Not good.  I decide I can't deal with it so I move my mat over a few spots. Ahhh much better. Out in the lobby I'm talking with Phyllis whose saying how she had a migraine but forced herself to come.  We both agree it was a good decision to come. We always feel better after class. As we are chatting people are piling into the studio. Chris tells me there were 51 people in the 9:30 class!  Now THAT'S a full class. We ended up with I would say maybe 42 in our class. Still lots of newbies. One new guy beind me totally rocked his first class. He looked like he knew exactly what he was doing and flowed through the postures.  I think his name was Anthony...Bravo!

My practice today:  Was good! I'm in love with the fact that I adore the HOT room again.  For a few weeks I was a bit cold to it but I'm back. I'm back to really just enjoying the hell out of every single second of those 90 minutes. Oh! And Full Locust! Something totally clicked second set and up my legs went. Chris was in he back of the room and said, there it is Traci, go higher, higher.  That's it! Go right there everytime. It felt so good. And as I turned my head in Savasana, I smiled at myself.  I kept hearing BYC's helpful hints.  Guess what, it worked! Thanks Michelle :).  Class was great. It ends and I'm in final Savasana wishing I'd brought another set of clothes. I would have done a double (never done a double!) if I had dry clothes. Maybe next time.

What an absolute perfect way to end my day off.  Chris, your class was fab today. Thanks!

To the 101 Day Challengers:  Stay strong, smile and take it one day, one practice, one posture at a time. You all are amazing me! Truly.

Have a fantastic rest of your Monday everyone and tomorrow is already Tuesday.  Which reminds me.  3 co-workers are suppose join me for class tomorrow.  Hmmm, I think I've heard that before.  Rachel, Mike and reading this?  This is me holding you guys accountable.  I know you guys will love Bikram. I just know it!  Look forward to practicing with the 3 of you tomorrow at 6:30! Ok?

As usual my stomach is talking to me.  it's telling me it's time for dinner and who am I to deny it! Good night guys!


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  1. I hope your guys from work come today! Can't wait to hear how that goes...