Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain gives way to sun...

Life is kind of like too isn't it? You could be having the darkest of days and then all of the sudden the sun is shining on your world and all is good!

Good morning. What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we had some wild weather around here. Tons of rain and high, high winds. Lots of broken umbrellas (no not like in balancing stick!) strewn about the streets I thought I was going to get blown over as I walked to my car last night!

Which reminds me of a little story...

A few years back I actually did fall down on a very windy day in the Financial District in downtown Boston. I went down pretty hard. I opened my eyes to see a small group had formed around me. I popped right up, bruised ego, body and all, gathered my bags and was on my way. Quickly.

A friend of mine living in another state heard the story from a friend and thought it would be funny to send me ankle weights in the mail and told me to wear them on windy days to keep my feet on the ground. Nice huh?

Have I mentioned how seriously clumsy I am? How people here at work say I should be wrapped in bubble wrap? How when someone falls they say to me "Oh, I just had a Traci moment". And they always seem so excited to tell me about their mishaps! People always say to me...How can you be such a clutz? You do yoga and were a gymnast! Don't know...just am. Always have been and probably always will be. Adds to my charm, that's what I say.

Oh I could honestly write a book on all my clumsy moments. Some of my favorites happened during first dates! And they actually came back for a second. I think the most important thing is to be able to laugh at yourself. If you’re laughing everyone else will too right?

Anyway...The sun is shining and the wind is lower today. Thank goodness!

Last night I made it out of the office around 5:30pm! Not bad huh? I had a serious case of the Mondays. With the weather and all I really just wanted to go home. I knew if I went to yoga I wouldn't get home until about 8:30pm. So I scrapped yoga and pointed the Jeep in the direction of home. On the short drive I had to develop my workout for the night. I decided to roll out one of my yoga mats, turn up the heat in my home office and do the Bikram series at home. Actually felt pretty good. Of course not as good as in the studio, but good to get the blood flowing and open up some muscles.

I'm going to try really hard to take a break from any running this week and be more consistent with icing my hip. I have come to the sad conclusion that running is only making it worse at this point. I almost get teary eyed when I'm driving along seeing all the runners hitting the streets. Just need to heal and I'll be back out there soon! I'll be back. Injuries are so freaking frustrating aren't they? Grrrrr!

My yoga bag is sitting here with me in the office waiting to go to Maria's 6:30pm class this evening. I think I need a good yoga session tonight! Looking forward to a good sweat.

Shout out to Michelle @Bikramyogachic: Chin up girl! Things always have a way of working out. They just do :)

UPDATE: Just ran to the market  to grab lunch and a water bottle comes crashing down onto my cheekbone. Leaving me with a little bruised swollen patch on my face. Lovely.  See...I really am clumsy! OUCH!
Have a happy Tuesday everyone! Until next time...Traci

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