Friday, January 15, 2010

Serious Case of the Giggles!

Hey everyone! And welcome to Friday! So happy and we have a mini January thaw today. Looks like we will be in that 44-46 degree range today. Which of course after the last few cold weeks will feel like a veritable heat wave.

I did in fact make it to the 6:30 Bikram class last night with Chris. I changed here at the office before heading out. Not too much traffic getting across the city but it took me 20 minutes of circling the street to get a parking spot. Ugh! I finally secure a spot. It’s a little bit of a walk but at least I found a home for my car. The whole time I’m circling of course I’m thinking...I better hurry up or I won’t have time to eat my snack! I really can’t practice without something in my body right before class. I just find it gives me more energy.

I jump out of the Jeep, hike over a snow bank, grab my red mat and black bag out of the passenger side door and make the trek down the still ice covered sidewalk. Arrive at the studio door to find it’s not open yet. It’s cold so I start jumping up and down to warm up. What a sight I must have been jumping around with my yoga mat. One of the other girls took the towel from her bag and wrapped herself in it. Not a bad idea! Finally the door clicks and in we go. It’s the best sound when that door clicks open!

Sherie’s 4:30 class is just getting out and looks like it was pretty packed. Secure my nice hot corner and go and talk to some of the others while we wait for class to begin. You’re probably not surprised by this but I like class to begin on time. I’m actually like that with everything. Don’t like lateness. And most teachers are good with this. But tonight class didn’t get going until late. Never sets a good tone for this yogi. The other thing that never sets a good tone? Fans! I just don’t like them. I know people at the studio and teachers tease me about it, but I really just don’t like the feeling of wind on me as I standing there sweating. Not a good feeling for me. Poke fun if you will, but I will never embrace the fans.

Anyway, class gets going and I’m not sure if he was trying to make up time or what but we raced through the first few postures. I mean seriously fast! One of the girls looks at me and says “What’s he doing?” Then just like that class, for me anyway, took a turn for the worse. There were a lot of new people again last night and I feel like class was catered to them.
Class was stopped at least 4 times to do demos. I hate demos. Let’s keep the class flowing. Don’t like all the stopping and starting. I equate this to being out on a great run and stopping and walking. It kills the momentum. I was just aggravated and trying to calm myself. Inside my head I was screaming.

Then it happened...The girl beside me is a bit of a firecracker. So funny. She says whatever is on her mind. So during sit up she looks at me and (excuse the language) says...”What the fuck!?” “Is he drunk?” No, he wasn’t...but OH MY GOD! I got the giggles which made her start giggling and then I was just full out laughing. There she is saying stop! But as soon as we looked at each other the giggles would start again. I felt like such a little kid! A sweaty, giggling, red face, little kid. So freaking funny. And it was just what I needed. I was so annoyed with the slow pace of class, with the fans, with the doors opening etc...that a laugh made me feel so much better. It was almost a release of all this bad energy that had built up.

Class ends and sadly I feel like I didn’t even practice. My mind is not happy and my body doesn’t have that nice tingly feeling. Just not a positive class for me. And not because it was a tough one, just because I got a bad vibe and didn’t like the way class was run. I let it get into me head and ruin my class. The starting and stopping thing, it just kills me.

Ok! Sorry i'm not exactly a ray of sunshine today! My project deadline is hanging over me today. I foolishly scheduled 3 other meetings today while I should be concentrating 100% on getting this thing done. Oh well, I’ll manage.

No yoga tonight and might take a night off of running too. Shocking! I think a night off is just what the doctor ordered (for my hip). Can’t be walking like a penguin and look cute at the same time, ya know?!?!

BIKRAM: Practiced 4 (Sat, Sun, Tue, Thurs) out of last 7 days. Not bad.
RUNNING: Ran Monday (treadmill) & Wednesday (outside)
DAY OFF: Friday!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any tattoos? Would you recommend getting one?

Have a fabulous Friday people and thanks for listening!



  1. Great that you got to practice last night even if it wasn't a class of your taste.

    No tattoos and I wouldn't get one either.

  2. I too don't like stopping things in the middle of class, for demos, or the teacher talking about something, etc. If the class is taught really well, there's a definite rhythm to it which is very soothing.

  3. Happy: I know, even if class wasn't great, at least I still got the benefits of being there!

    Big G: Oh! Stopping & starting kills me. Tuesday class was perfect: She kept in flowing perfectly. Last night it felt like I was a car that kept stalling! That was the major difference between the two classes.