Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staying Present, Having Fun

Hi! What a beautiful sunny day out there today. The sun is beaming in my office and feels so good! Sunshine just has a way of making you happy doesn’t it? And of course something else makes me happy...ok a few things actually make me happy...One of those things just happens to be a great Bikram class.

Last Night: 6:30pm Bikram with Sherie: Fun Class!
As I mentioned last night my 5:00 meeting was rescheduled so I was able to skip on over to the 6:30 class with Sherie. Made it to the studio with plenty of time to spare. I had the feeling it was going to be another crowded class. And it was. Set myself up in a nice hot spot way away from any doors. One girl comes in with like 5 minutes to spare. Looks around and tip toes up to the front. People were avoiding the hot corner for some reason last night so the last really open spot was right up front with me. She said she hates the front. I tell her we’d have fun. We could work off each others energy. It’ll be great! She gingerly unrolled her matt looking unconvinced, fixed her hair in braids and sat looking nervous. People were still coming in so class gets started late. After 1st set of breathing class stops to shift mats around to make room for some last minute arrivals. Usually this would really bother me, to start and stop, but I have really been trying to let things go a little more. So I just stood and smiled. Oh and breathed too.

Class was full so of course there was awesome energy. I don’t think there were any 1st timers but there were certainly PLENTY of people on their 10 day intro. The two guys behind me who are about a week or so in really have taken to this yoga. They look almost like pros. I think they’ll be sticking around. They still get the scrunched up face from time to time but they’ll be ok. Since there were so many newer people Sherie stopped class (I think that’s why) after 1st set of Triangle to do some demos on how it should really look. Again, you know this would normally annoy me, but for some reason last night I just tried to roll with it. I tried to take class in stride. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping my mind present. Not getting ahead in postures. Staying present and just having fun. Yoga is fun guys, we need to remember that. Sometimes I forget.

And the heat? It was GOOD! The heat was pumping so much so that the fans didn’t bother a particular yogi who hates the fans...ahem...that would be me. Standing series is good, except for the fact that my hip was killing on certain postures so I had to pull back a bit. Really only hurts in Standing Head to Knee, left leg kickout; Toe Stand and wind removing on the floor. Odd. Oh well.

Sherie announced that one of the girls practicing last night is a cancer survivor. She took no treatment but kept practicing yoga. Today she is doing great and cancer free! Right in the middle of class all 40 plus of us broke into applause. There I am thinking...And I’m complaining about a little hip pain? PLEASE Traci!

Rest of the class rolls along nicely. I get a few corrections from Sheri. Of course I love and always listen to corrections. This is how we grow and get better! And  the girl beside me who hates the front did great.  I could see she was pushing herself to her edge. She looked tried in the end, but I sense she will be pleased with herself today.

Class ends and I am happy and I’m drenched. I note again how I always bring water in with me but never drink it. I just have it there by my side “in case”. Kind of like my security blanket. I also noticed how I use to wipe the sweat away more; no I just let it roll. It’s just sweat right? Sweat is good!

In final Savasana Sherie was telling us how yes this yoga is great for our bodies, but just as great for our minds. I loved when she said “maybe next time you go to say something really mean to someone, you’ll say something really kind instead.” That’s what Bikram helps us do. It helps us be calmer, happier, gentler human beings. It just does. Or at least I think it makes us more conscious of decisions we make and how we act. How we handle situations that are stressful. And don’t forget the muscles, have to love them too!

Tonight is a scheduled run. I have another 5:00pm meeting today that I sense will go well over an hour. Hoping to get home by 6:30 or so I can head out for a light run. If it gets too late I might just hop on the treadmill. Just have to see how I feel. I’m already looking forward to my next scheduled visit to the Hot Room!

Ok people that’s all I have for today. I truly hope you all have a fab rest of your day. If Bikram is on your calendar please have a great practice. Just remember, it might not always be perfect, but it’s always good! Always. Like they say, just show up to the studio, get in that hot room and the rest is optional.

101’ers Stay Strong and Smile! You are all doing amazing!



  1. This put a smile on my face. Thanks!

  2. Aww, sounds like a lovely class!

    Re: stopping and starting. You know, someday you'll take Bikram's class... and he just stops and starts and stops and starts and stops!! Does a demo, tells a story, gets a yogi up for another demo, have some water... It's totally fun to get into the good flow, but sometimes 1) people who are visual learners need a quick demo to get the hang of something and 2) sometimes people do better after they've had a second to catch their breath! (Bikram TOTALLY is going easy on us when he takes all those breaks - if he taught straight thru, half the class would keel over and die.) That's cool that you're learning to roll with it!! :)

  3. Catherine: Awww...That's great. Anytime I can help someone smile my day is complete!

    DancingJ:It feels so good to be learning how to roll with class. It really does. I think because I'm a runner too I've had a tough time with it. With running I just go, go, go. This is different. Feels great to accept the differences! Bikram's class must be so much fun!

  4. What a great story about the person who beat cancer. Just awesome.

  5. BigG: It was awesome in class when it was announced. You could see peoples energy pick up. And seeing how strong and determined this woman was...words cannot describe. She is dedicated to her practice and clearly it has done her well!

  6. I love this post for so many reasons! I love that you tried to put the nervous girl in the front row at ease. That you were growing in your practice with just letting things roll and not bother you, the story about the cancer survivor was awesome, the tidbit about the two new guys who look hooked already and your feelings of being grateful for the yoga and your life really came through.
    Thank you for your comment on my post today! You are so ecouraging and amazing. I feel so blessed to have connected with people like you through this wonderful little bikram blogging community!
    Ok, so YES I will make that pact with you! We will let our guards down a bit.
    Oh, and somebody who "gets" you (same sense of humor) and brightens your day sounds worthy of letting the guard down.... :)
    **hugs from Vegas**

  7. I am so glad you wrote this post!

    For both you and BYC, let the guard down, it is OK to do that.

    As you said in your post we grow more consious in our life and that so true that we can let our guard down because we will engage in people that are good for us.