Friday, January 22, 2010

Not just aha but...A......HA!

We have arrived at Friday my friends! Welcome and happy freaking day! This has been a very long and busy week at work. Not complaining. Busy is good! Especially when so many companies are struggling. Busy is good! But whew, it’ll be good to catch my breath for a couple of days. Don’t you agree?

Last night I was here at the office until just about 7pm. Bikram wasn’t on my schedule last night so at least I don’t feel like I was missing out on it. Isn’t that the worst? When you have your bag with you and you miss class? Hate that. My plan was to head out for a scheduled run once I got home. But I did what I usually try not to do. I gave in to being tired. Sorry, but sometimes you just have to. Schedules and plans are great starting points to get us organized but it’s ok to make adjustments as needed. I decided if I did get into my running gear and head out for a run it wouldn’t be pretty. Still in my work clothes I flopped down...seriously flopped, as in totally collapsed...on my cozy, fluffy bed and returned some calls.

Every day this week I have interviewed between 6 and 8 candidates (as you can see we are still hiring like crazy here!). That’s a lot of talking! I never tire of talking about our company and learning about candidates. People are so interesting. And I have even met a few candidates who practice Bikram! Imagine that.

Last night my vocals cords were shot. Even today my voice is a bit scratchy...hmmm maybe I kind of have that sexy voice now? Ok, maybe not. I returned calls, but my calls were brief. I felt somewhat rejuvenated after about half an hour. Made myself some gnocchi topped with vegetables, some butternut squash sauce and tons of fresh ground pepper (I’m a pepper freak, took a nice long bath, watched a little TV (though I can’t even recall what the heck I watched), and called it a night. It felt so good to crawl into bed. The minute my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. Good. Night!

Woke up this morning ready to go! Bring it on world. Show me what ya got! Today is a total catch up and reorganizing day for me. I’m close to filling a few key roles here. Couple of offers to present, one offer was just accepted, candidate searches, paperwork catch up, special project, new hire paperwork for Monday...that’s kind of my agenda for today. Little bit of everything.

I just went out to grab lunch as was thinking as a drove along. Every once in a while in our practice we have a BIG “AHA” moment. I had one this week. I think it was actually lots of little ones that added up and came to me as one big one. Something just totally clicked and it felt like a light went off in my head. You hear the words the teachers say so often, but many times never really listen to them. We’re on auto pilot. But this week I listened. I heard. And I got it. What I finally get is what this practice is all about. Sure, we put ourselves in that room and work so hard to make our butts cute, to create tight abs, to get that yoga glow and to sweat. And initially that’s probably the only reason we start this practice. Oh but wait! It’s so much more. It’s about the mind. It’s about learning to deal with situations as they are thrown at you, accepting things and knowing you have the power to change things, learning how to be calm and peaceful, learning how not to let little things bother you. I don’t know what triggered it, but it clicked with me. I almost feel like I’m at a different place in my practice now. A good place. Oh yes...I still love the positive effects it has at toning up the body. But I also love how I can be in that room and let less and less things bother me. How I can be an encouraging source for another person. There’s just so much to this Bikram we practice. So much. This is powerful stuff for certain. I am truly thankful to have it as part of my life.

So here we are. Friday. Good plans for the weekend? I sense there will be a little recharging, re-energizing in store for everyone.

No work out yesterday and today will be another day sans workout for me. Looking forward to a great Birkam class tomorrow afternoon though! Meeting friends out after work for some food and drinks. Perfect way to end the week. I see a nice margarita in my future this evening. On the rocks, salted rim please. And I’m craving pizza too! I truly think pizza is the perfect food. So good. Has to be a nice thin crust, light on the cheese topped with black olives and sliced tomato though. Perfection.

Enjoy your Friday everyone! Do something fun and surround yourself with people who make you laugh. And smile. Just the act of smiling has a way of making us feel instantly better.

Cheers! Traci


  1. What a wonderful insight you got!

    Happy Friday and weekend on you as well.

  2. The CLICK!! Yes yes yes yes yes. Isn't that COOL? People can tell you the words over and over, and of course you hear them, but then there's an UNDERSTANDING that can only come from YOU. It is like flipping a switch, night and day difference. So exciting when that happens!

  3. Oh yes, you emjoy the margarita and the pizza and work the crowd with your sexy demi moore voice from talking all week! have fun girl!

  4. Thanks HappyYogi!

    DancingJ: So cool! It feels completely different. So good.

    BYC: haha!Thanks!