Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Need to Sweat Tonight!

Hi everyone in bloggie land! Hope your Tuesday is shaping up nicely. Can it just get to Friday already?  Not trying to rush my life here but the weekend would be nice. AND it's a long weekend coming up for us as our company is closed for the Martin Luther King holiday Monday.

Anyway, so how was your practice yesterday? I was really hoping to get to class last night, had my yoga bag with me and ready to go!  Mimi's class was last night and she's just awesome. Truly one of the best. Sadly, I left the office fairly late so switched the workout to a running night.  We have to be flexi with our bodies in yoga and we have to be flexi with our workout schedules in life. Sometime life just gets in the way.  Unless of course you're doing a Challenge, then you know where you must be each day. 

I miss that about the challenge.  That feeling that it was just a fact I would change at work a little before 5:00pm and head to the studio for class. It was just part of my routine.  It's a good feeling when I look back on those days. Sure some nights it was down right hard as hell to drag my butt to the studio.  There were nights I didn't want to walk through the studio door, I didn't want to put yoga clothes on, I didn't want to see anyone at the studio (even though they are truly amazing people!). But overall, what a great experience.  And sweating always felt great. My body felt great, my mind felt great.  Maybe I'll take part in the next Challenge.  We'll see.

I'm rambling again huh? Yeah, I get like.  My thoughts just flow and my fingers go click, click, click.  So last night's run.  Too cold by the time I got home and I have no idea where my 2 running hats went (I think they must have grown legs and walked out the door) so I decided it was a good night for the treadmill.  Still will never like it but it gets the job done.  I will never ever feel like I have the same workout on the Tmill. A huge part of the awesome feeling I get on my runs is the outside factor.  Just makes me so happy! I hopped on the conveyor belt for the feet and ran for 40 minutes.  Ended with some nice stretching. Fixed Firm pose feels so good for my hip (hip? Please heal, ok?).  Also did some Camels because, well, I truly love that pose.  I adore how it opens up my whole body. Anyone else with me here? You love that one too?

Random....When I run outside the pic below is the absolute coldest part of my run. Brrrrr! Wind just whips off the icy waters and onto my face. In the summer though this route is perfect!

Workout Scheduled: Tonight calls for a nice hot Bikram class at 6:30 with Miss Maria.  And you know what I'm going to do?  I am setting that alarm on my computer and I AM getting to the studio.  My mind will be more refreshed Wednesday morning and I will, in turn, be more productive. And the guys here at work are suppose to join me, but I have this feeling they are going to ditch me! When they walk be me this morning they're trying to avoid eye contact. So funny.

Feel free to shoot me a message and nudge me out the door to the studio. And no need to be nice. 
Us Bikram people?  Yep, we can handle a little toughness, right?

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!

Update:  Our VP (who's a very funny guy & one of my bosses) just walked into my office to find me doing yoga poses (was in Tree Pose) and he told me I need to have my head examined. I told him to join me! Then I proceeded to do Standing Bow and hold it for a really long time while he was trying to make me fall out. II was so determined and finally slowly came out of the posture.  Just funny.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible!"
                                                                             Audrey Hepburn
Cheers! Traci


  1. Oh I love Audrey Hepburn! Great quote.
    Think of today as a "mini challenge". That you HAVE to go tonight just like during the real challenge. :)
    Have a wonderful class stretching and sweating!

  2. BYC: I love that idea! Thinking of today as a mini-challenge. That's kind of the way I work, throw a challenge at me and I'm going to do my best to complete it! Awesome! Thanks for throwing down the challenge. :)

  3. Set the Alarm, do it! Leave work on time for you to yoga! I will dingdong from here for you. Don't let your work get in your way, if it is not totally important on a occational basis.

    Camel? I am teaching myself to like to get into it, into the posture I love it, but getting into it is the tricky part for me.