Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"I'm Shipping up to Boston"...

Love that song!
Hi everyone! What a pretty day out there. The sun is so beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. Pretty to look at, but still cold. We’ve warmed up to about 20 degrees so far. Not exactly beach weather.

This morning we started our work day off with our Annual meeting and it actually only lasted about 2 1/2 hrs. As I knew it would be, the meeting was very positive. We hit and exceeded all our monthly and annual goals for 2009. Even given the state of the economy we had our 2nd best year as a company ever. So we stand today at a 7 year old $480,000,000 private company with zero debt. We started with 7 employees and today have 700. Not Bad! We also went over several goals for 2010, it’s going to be a big year for us! The first goal is to become a $500,000,000 company by March. When that happens every person will get a bonus. In August if we hit another goal there will be and additional bonus. What motivates people more than money? I don’t really think anything motivates like money. Great meeting, good energy, and people left feeling positive and ready to take on 2010!

Was here at the office until well after 6pm last night. I just had so much paperwork to get through and really didn’t want to face it in the morning. With the morning meeting I knew I would be loosing a few hours. And I knew I had 3 hour long meeting scheduled for the afternoon. So I stayed.

Also, I Co-Chair our company’s annual charity event in June and planning actually starts now for it. Just another thing to add to the list. Always a great event though. Last year in tandem with the event we raised and cut a check for over $160,000 to Dana Farber Cancer Institute & the Jimmy Fund. Lots of work but so worth every minute of it. 

On my way home I needed to stop to fill up the gas tank in the Jeep. The Bikram window had closed so I was planning on hitting the road for a run (so much for resting the hip, huh). But as I stood there refueling, jumping up and down to stay warm, trying to make the gauge click faster, (come on gas pump faster will you!), looking at my black Jeep that appears gray from the salt on the roads, I started to think; Oh it’s just too cold. I can’t get out there tonight. So when I got home I changed into my running indoor running gear that is. I hopped on the treadmill and did about 4 miles (I say about because I don’t trust the mileage clocked by it). Eh, you know how I feel about the treadmill, but got it done. Hip was ok, not great but I think it’s healing. Song of the day I love to run to “I’m Shipping up to Boston” Dropkick Murphy’s. You like that one too?

After the run and dinner I decided I needed a treat. My throat was feeling scratchy and I figured this would help! ;) Delish.

Ok everyone, I brought my yoga bag with me again and am going to try my very best to get out of here in time for the 6:30. After this week I'm making a commitment to myself: Not matter what I will leave the office in time for class. I need my Bikram. It makes me feel good and energized. The work will still be there, so I need to do this for myself. Sound good?  I think I need to set an alarm on my computer and have it say to me: SHUT DOWN AND GO TO YOGA...NOW!

Have a happy day people. “If you truly don’t like something, change it.” Maya Angelou Going to try my best!
Cheers all! Traci


    That's me cheering you on from Vegas for class tonight! Hope you make it. The hot room will feel fabulous!

  2. SHUT DOWN AND GO TO YOGA NOW! Cheering from Sweden as well.

    The two days a week that the class that I want to attend starts 5 pm I have entered an event so no one can book me for a meeting from 4pm so I make it to class. Then outlook starts reminding me its time to leave and I have 20 min to finish up and then I will leave the rest for the day after.

  3. I just LOVE THAT SONG! I remember the last time the Red Sox were the in world series, my best friend and I used to drive up and down Mass Ave and across the Harvard bridge and just BLAST that song on her car's CD player with the windows rolled down. :) Always made me happy!

    LOVE your alarm clock idea, too.

  4. Thanks girls...Can never have too many alarm clocks! Hope ya'll have a great practice tonight. Thanks for the support :)