Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Reality

Good morning all! Monday. Why is it that vacations always go by way too quickly and we always could use "just one more day"? Oh well, back to reality.

Guess what's blazing in the sky? Ok, maybe not blazing but it's there nonetheless. We've got sunshine today folks. No snow, and it might be blocked a bit by big fluffy clouds but it's there. Oh, but check out the the headlines from Accuweather this morning: New England Snowstorm Heads Out; Bitter Cold Settles In This Week. Great! Thanks for the heads up weather people! Just a few more months before we turn the corner and head towards better weather :)

I was up early this morning and decided to hop on the treadmill (yuck) for a quick 2 miles to get the blood flowing. Felt just ok. Hip flexor still not good. I was ready super early this morning so made it to the office just after 7am. I've been off work for so many days my whole schedule is thrown off! Started the day right off with an 8:00am meeting. Nothing like an 8am meeting to pull you back to reality real quick! Meeting was fine, quick and only went for about 30 minutes. Our Annual meeting is on Wednesday which starts at 8:15am and will be much, much, much longer. We hit all sorts of awesome goals this past year so the 2009 wrap up and recap will be a good one for sure. I already know we have some lofty goals for 2010 so getting mentally prepared for that! I'm so lucky to work for a company that's thriving and growing and overall doing very well.

So here I am in my office at my desk this morning trying to get back in the swing of things. Why is it always so challenging to come back? Looking at the clock and thinking, hmmm this time last week I was in the wrapping up my Bikram class with Hannane. That would be a great place to be this morning! My To Do list is rapidly growing. Don't you love making lists and checking the items off once you've completed them? Something so gratifying about it. Silly huh? But I need my lists. Even if I'm just heading to the market for a couple of items, I make a list. I'm just a list kind of girl.

Funny story from Friday: A couple of hours before class I was walking across the Starbucks parking lot. My hip was bothering me so I was walking and pulling me knee up to my chest to stretch it out. I'm always in my own little world and kind of oblivious to what's going on around me. All of a sudden a woman is standing in front of me saying "Traci?" "I thought that was you, only a former gymnast would walk like that!" Turns out it was my former Gymnastics Coach Janice! It's been years since I've seen her. She looks the exact same! Still unsure why but she says...So you're doing yoga right? Not idea how she knew that, none, but I tell her yes...BIKRAM. Turns out she teaches yoga and really wants to give Bikram a try. She asks me to show her some postures. There I am in the middle of Starbucks parking lot doing Bikram poses. Halfmoon, Triangle, Tree etc. Silly yoga girls! I told her she MUST come to our studio and give it a shot. Janice would be amazing. She's flexible, strong and has fierce determination. Yeah, gymnastics will do that to you. You never really loose it.

Ok guys, I really should go concentrate on checking some things off my To Do list. No more procrastinating. I brought my stuff with me for the 6:30p yoga class with Mimi. Looking at my list though, I know I'll be here for a while cleaning up. I figure if I suck it up tonight I'll be in great shape for the rest of the week. So sadly no Bikram tonight. But tomorrow? Oh tomorrow there will be Bikram! Did my quick 2 mile treadmill this morning and might head out for a couple more after work. We'll just see how I feel...

Workouts scheduled this week: Sunday: Bikram (done); Monday (run); Tuesday: Bikram; Wednesday: Run; Thursday: Bikram; Friday: Rest Day; Saturday: Bikram...Of course nothing is set in stone and always subject to change :)

"Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work." Horace  So, so true. Nothing is just given to us, we have to earn it. That being said, I better get back to work!

Have a great Monday everyone! And don't forget to find a few little things to make you smile :)



  1. I'm a bit envious of former gymnasts and dancers. They really have such a great advantage going into that hot room! :)

  2. BYC: LOL! My sister says the same thing to me all the time. People laugh at my gymnastic flair all the time though. Try as I might I can't drop the gymnast hands!

  3. Thanks for that little quote by Horace. If we put our energy into it, it will pay back, both work and yoga :-)

    I use postits for lists, crazy days at work I have postits all over my desk, but it is so satisfying to throw them away when they are done and see the desk get all clean again.

  4. Happy: I's a short quote with a ton of meaning huh? Lists...Oh, what would I do without my lists!