Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow, Bikram, & Tulips

Good Sunday evening everyone! Have a good Sunday? First things first. I really have to say a very big CONGRATS to Franca! Franca practices at the same studio as I do but because of the Holidays and everybody’s schedules being mixed up we haven't seen each other in weeks. Well, as I was getting my bag & mat out of my car and tromping through the snow I look up to see Franca in the doorway with her big, warm smile (Franca has the best smile by the way). And just like that she lifts up her left hand...and there it is! A beautiful, sparkly diamond on her finger! Shriek! Congrats on your engagement Franca. Your fiancĂ© is a very luck man. And Franca, following up on our conversation after class...I think all is fine, but we should do some research.

I can't believe it's already 7pm. I have no idea where this day went! Well, since I lived it I guess I actually do have some idea. Let's seeee....Wake up to a text from my sis asking if yoga was open or closed due to snow (didn't get to bed until about 3am this morning which leaves this girl a little sleepy), tell her to call...stretch, stretch, stretch, pull open the curtains in my bedroom and...ooohhh surprise, surprise, more snow. Sigh. After easing myself into the morning I put on my winter gear yet again and decide to get the chore of clearing the car and shoveling out of the way early. Not many neighbors out yet. Maybe because there's still snow falling from the sky? Maybe they will just hibernate today and deal with it tomorrow? I always say...don't put off until tomorrow what you can do right now. So all clear, for now.
Once back inside I make myself a warming cup of cinnamon apple tea (yum) and granola with yogurt. Before I know it it's already 12 noon! Shower, get my yoga stuff pulled together and set out to do some errands before 3:30 Bikram class. For a brief moment while running my errands I glanced up and had to squint. Could it be? Is it really? Sun? There it was in all it's glory, so proud shining in the sky. Hmph, no, no, wait...don’t leave us just yet! You see it lasted only about 20 minutes before the clouds rolled in again and brought yet more flurries of snow with them. The sun, as it turns out, was a mere tease. Mother Nature, we really need to have a serious talk about this. Soon. I'll send you an invite to schedule a time!

Anyway, get to the 3:30 class at 3pm. Hannanes teaching again. Very full class for a snowy Sunday afternoon. Maybe 30 or so people? I was so happy to see Janet again! We did the Challenge together and she's one of my favorite people to practice beside. We set up in the front right corner. I had set up in this spot yesterday too but had to move. The noisy guy set up directly beside me and I just couldn't deal with it. So yesterday I ended up moving a few spots to the left. Which was fine. Back to this afternoon...Class was good. Hannane always keeps class moving nicely. Heat was good but the doors popped open multiple times. I just don't understand this. The classes use to be nice and hot to the point where it really challenged your mind. Now, not so much. Not sure why? Maybe catering to those who can’t take the heat as it is meant to be? I really wish the teachers would just keep it hot in the room. If I did have a complaint, that would be it. Please Bikram Yoga Quincy, let's get back to hot. Let's get back to how it use to be. I know there are lots of us looking for it again. Thanks!

Class ends and I end up sitting on the benches talking to Franca, admiring the new bling she sporting on her left hand, chatting about the studio etc. Catching up with the others after class is always a great end to the practice. Walking out of the studio I look up and yes, the snow is still snizzling (NE word I think?) from the sky. Tomorrow. Tomorrow it will stop I say out loud.

On my way home I realize I neglected to buy myself flowers this weekend! Gasp. Would not set a good tone for the work week ahead if I went without them so I make a pit stop on my way home (sweaty and all, got lots of, well, interesting looks from shoppers). Went with 3 bunches of my favorites...pure white tulips. I would go with tulips over roses any day. So, so pretty. I'm telling ya'all, having fresh flowers in your house really makes you happy. It's almost therapeutic, trust me on this and try it!

Going into the week...."Believe you can and you're halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt ...Believe in you. Be your biggest cheerleader. If you believe in yourself, others will see your confidence and have no choice but to believe in you too. Success and happiness are waiting for you. Go get it!

Have an awesome rest of your Sunday evening everybody. Back to work for me tomorrow after having been off since Dec 23rd. Already thinking about all the work I need to catch up on! One thing at a time, Traci, one thing, one task, one email, one meeting etc…one. at. a. time. All right…time to go search the kitchen for dinner as my stomach is speaking loudly to me!

Cheers! Traci


  1. Shoveling snow must be awful! :)
    Congrats to your friend, that's awesome! I love the quote...believe you can and you're halfway there. I'm going to tuck that one in my hat for later!

  2. BYC: Happy to say the sun is shining this morning! The news reports are already talking about another storm for Friday. I swear I am moving to a better climate! Have a great start to your week :)

  3. Awww, thank you so much! ~Franca