Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heading to Sweat Later

Hi guys! Thursday already, isn’t this week flying by?

Feeling a little tired this morning. I woke up 3:30am and work immediately popped into my mind. Once that happens there really is no way to shut it down. So there I am lying there thinking about all I need to accomplish in the next 2 days at work. Friday is the deadline for my project and I just feel a little overwhelmed right now. It’ll get done, just need to block everything out around me. Concentrate. Focus. Have to remember my "live in day tight compartments" rule!

Even though I had planned on not meeting with any candidates this week so I could concentrate on the project I didn’t stick to that. Some of the divisions I hire for were pretty much begging me to interview people so I broke down and fit it in. Kind of my personality to want to help everyone. I think I might have closed out 2 positions yesterday and found solid candidates so it was worth it. Just meant that I stayed a bit late last night to get some work done. Which I didn’t mind. It was nice and quiet and got a lot done. It wasn’t a yoga night so I was ok with being here. That’s the good thing about my running nights. There’s no schedule so whenever I get home, that’s when I go. No pressure, no stress to get there.

By the time I got home I just changed, ate a PowerBar and headed out for a quick run of 30 minutes (found my hats!). That’s about all I could muster last night, and even that felt hard. Winter is getting to me. I need warmer weather soon! My legs didn’t feel great, didn’t feel strong. I actually probably should have taken the night off to rest my hip. And my head wasn’t even 100% into it. But it was on my schedule so I stuck to it. Dave, a guy I work with, said I’m walking like a penguin. Great! Just the look I was shooting for. Really once I get going I walk better. But if I’ve been sitting at my desk for a while and stand up and try to walk, THAT’S when it kills. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve given it a chance to heal properly. When working out everyday is part of your life, it’s just really hard to stop. You know? Oh well.

Tonight’s a Bikram night. 6:30p class with Chris and I CAN NOT wait to go SWEAT. I’m pumped. Wicked excited to get into the hot room tonight. I hope it’s another one of those rocking classes for me again, but you never really know what’s going to happen in there right? We can go in all revved up and ready to go and then something happens and it’s like all the air is sucked out of you. Then you can go in there dragging and have the best class ever (like Tuesday night). So we go and listen to our bodies and give what we can that day. Going to work on some of the postures I have set goals for. The biggest challenge tonight I suspect will be Savasana. With work being so busy and the deadline looming on Friday I just know it’s going to be very hard to keep my mind in the room. That will be my #1 challenge this evening: Staying present in the room. Trust me that WILL be a challenge tonight for sure.

Haiti Earthquake: We’re having a Jeans Day here at work tomorrow for local families affected by the terribly tragic earthquake in Haiti. Every Friday we do a Jeans Day for a benefit. 100% of the money we raise goes to charity and our president matches it. Charity changes weekly and we generally end up contributing a few to several thousand per charity. Nice way to give back to those in need. My heart goes out to all those poor people. Horrible.

Ok so I’ve got tons of work to get to day and I WILL be heading to the 6:30 Bikram class. Shutting it down on time and heading to class. No question about it. No excuses. Isn’t blogging great for that? It holds us accountable. Once it’s out there for all to see we almost have to follow through. Good stuff.

One more Audrey for you since me & BYC adore her: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person.”

I love this little book of happy I have. In coming posts I'll give you a glimpse of what's inside.

Have a lovely day!  Cheers...Traci

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  1. I don't know what time you have in your world now, set the alarm, turn of your computer and go to class. The work wont dissapear but there wont be anothe chance for this class.