Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bikram tonight? Hope so!

Hello! I'll give you one guess what it's doing outside. Good guess!  That's right, snow is falling from the sky here yet again. Someone just stopped by my office and said...I didn't know it was suppose to snow today. My response: Just bank on it snowing everyday and if it doesn't, then great, a bonus! It's not really sticking even though it's been snowing since I arrived at work at 7:15 this morning.

I hadn't looked at my Outlook calendar since I left work on Friday so I was surpised to see my very packed schedule for today.  I forgot I had scheduled 8 meetings for today. Flying from one to the next today with my last one starting at 5:00pm. Oh No! That puts my Birkam class in jeopardy tonight. I have my bag right beside me here ready to go. So if the meeting is brief I can still make it.  I adore Maria's class and would hate to miss it tonight. Even if I run into the studio 5 minutes before class, it'll be worth it.  Wish me luck!

The co-workers who are suppose to come with me. Yeah, they're not.  Rachel has a bad cold, Mike came to me and said he's not mentally ready and Dave is avoiding me. I don't want to push them. When they're ready to go, that's when they'll come.  Until then I'll just keep planting the seed. I remember I was the same way before my first class.

I just received another requisition to fill. Usually the Hiring Managers will give me plenty of time to fill the roles but this time they need me to hire 12 people for a Monday 1/25/10 start.  Whew. I generally like a bit more notice. I'm working with outside agencies to help me get it done.  It'll get done, just going to be another one of those weeks. Deep breathing, lots and lots of deep breathing!

My Workout Plan for the Week:
Sunday: Bikram: Done (10am Sherie)
Monday: Bikram: Done (4:30pm Chris)
Tuesday: Bikram (or run pending schedule) (6:30pm)
Wednesday: Bikram (6:30pm)
Thursday: Run
Friday: Run
Saturday: Bikram (3:30pm)

Oh and before I forget. I had picked up a lasagne in the prepared foods section at Whole Foods. One word. Yum! If you like lasagne be sure to check it out. Pair it with garlic bread, greens salad and a glass of wine. so good.

Ok I better get going since my next meeting is right around the corner.  Hoping I can make it to class this evening.  Have an awesome day all!


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