Monday, July 1, 2013

Two shoes!

Happy July 1st! Lovely weekend here in the Boston area. Though right now it's completely overcast and not so nice. I'm hopeful the sun will make an appearance today!

Summer really is my favorite time of the year.  What's not to love....
It's when we trade in our boots, jeans, winter coats and gloves for flip flops, mini skirts, cute little tank tops and sunglasses!  We go from running tights and layers to run skirts and tanks. We go from dashing from the car to the house wincing in the bitter cold air as snow is blasting our face to wanting to be outside as much as possible soaking in the sunshine and warm breeze.  From shoveling snow and scraping the inch of ice that has encased our cars to enjoying the fact that we live on the water and head to the beach or out on the boat.'s short so all the more reason to enjoy every single second of it. 
I swear, people are just more pleasant this time of year. They seem to smile more, to say thank you more. Understandable, I guess, right?!?

Anyway...Bikram Saturday. It was...well..interesting.  I truly try not to let things bother me, but this got to me. We all know being late for class is not only not acceptable, it's not allowed.  Doors are suppose to be locked.  You're late, sorry. See you tomorrow. Right? Right. I started noticing this happening a couple of weeks ago (people coming in late) but this past Saturday it was annoying!

We had already done breathing and half moon 1st set.  During the second set the door opens and in walks this guy, mat and towels and water in hand.  It was a complete distraction.  He walks right up to the front, tosses his mat DIRECTLY in front of me, rolls out his towels, situates his water bottle and stands there.  Then the instructor walks out of class to push the button to lock the door.  Not cool.

Now, it was NOT a crowded class by any definition. He did not need to place the mat right in front of me. I glared at him, shook my head and shifted my mat.  Yoga etiquette, dude! Don't come in late and don't put yourself right in front of me so I have to look at your back the whole class rather than myself working through the postures. I seriously spent the rest of the standing series annoyed and distracted.  Also, he is clearly injured and not doing the postures.  He spent most of the class either just standing or lying in Savasana. Apparently he has a streak of coming he doesn't want to break. Silly. 

Ok, so that brings up this...the door are suppose to be locked when class starts.  Nobody is suppose to be able to enter the building.  This is clearly stated.  So why is our instructor leaving the door unlocked for people who call and say they will be late?  Aside from the distraction factor it's also a safety issue. When class starts there is no one in the outer lobby.  Everyone there is in the hot room.  So anyone can walk in off the street and go through our bags in the locker rooms.  Again, just not cool.

Ok!  Moving on now that I have that off my chest! Sometimes we just need to vent :)

Sunday's class was, thankfully, much better. Very hot, no fans, no doors opened, no latecomers. A nice, hot, energized class.  Great way to start the week!

Exciting news!  (well..for me anyway :) ...this is my first full day sans the air cast!  Look...I have two shoes on (tho flip flops are probably not the best choice)!  Still not able to run but making progress for sure.  I just want to be able to enjoy at least some of the glorious summer running weather. long lost friend..I miss you! I seriously miss everything about it.  Bikram is of course a love as well and leaves you feeling wonderful. I'm thankful for the practice. But for me nothing replaces that feeling of running with just your thoughts and your music and enjoying the ride. I adore the fact that as long as I have my running shoes with me (I keep a pair in my car, my office and at home..have to be ready!) I can run.  There's no schedule. No rush to get through traffic so I don't miss class. Just go when I can. When I want. Soon!

Namaste and Happy Running!

luv traci

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