Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bikram vs Crossfit....Hot Room vs The Box

I'll get to the meaning behind the title post in a minute...

First about last night.  I get in my car to start my commute home not knowing if I wanted to go to Bikram or not.  I'm tired. It was a long day. I approach the highway and say "OK, Traci...here's the deal...If there's light traffic and you're back in Quincy by 5pm (1hr drive time) you're going to class.
I start making my way onto the highway and it's nearly wide open!  Hit the jam as always approaching Route 9 and the lane drop but then it was pretty seamless.  Made it by 4:45. Well...looks like I have to drag my tired body into the studio!

Quick stop by Good Health for a few things, eat a snack (watermelon, blackberries and a Balance Bar), grab my green mat with the blue underside (I have red, black and gray ones as well but the green is my favorite) and bag and head down the street to the studio.  It's a slow walk.  My energy is low. I pop open the door and make my way up the stairs.  I'm surprised to see such a full house on the hot Monday evening! 

25 people will be sweating tonight...a good old fashioned, hot, sweaty Bikram class!

I say old fashioned because when I first started practicing (2 studio owners ago) the classes were always very full and very hot.  25 to 30 people plus a class was normal.  People use to get there 30 minutes early just to stake out a spot. Mat to mat, having to stagger with the person beside you so as not to hit each other.  I actually have seen that happen.  Another person hitting another person. Usually in a posture like Poorna Salabhasana. Pretty funny. Anyway, fast forward a few years and I can get there 5 minutes before class and be just fine.  I actually have come to really enjoy the smaller classes now.

Last night was hot. And humid. There were a few new people in the room who looked less than happy. One left he room at least 3 times. By Rabbit I'm thinking "air..where did the air go??" "I'll just walk out for a minute to get some air."  Of course I didn't. In all my years of practicing I have never left the hot room during class..not about to start now!

Class ends.  I'm tired. But a good tired, ya know? 

Now about the Box vs Hot Room...
Walking back up the street to my car with a fellow yogi we encounter the Crossfitters!  You see, a Box opened up about a month ago right beside our studio.  As we make our way up the street they decide it's good timing to do sprint drills on the sidewalk!  Seriously 30 people running at us, behind us. We look at each other..both tired and sweaty and say "they can go around us" :)

They we start talking and realize that Crossfit and Bikram, while very different, have some similarities. We both agreed it takes a very goal oriented, focused person (who also might be just a little nuts :) to to either. She likened both to having cult followings! ha! In any event I respect their practice as I hope they do ours!

Home!  Home by 7:30 asleep by 10!  I totally crashed.  Right before I made my way to bed I stepped out into the back and was drawn to the moon. It just looked beautiful last night!

I'm taking the night off from Bikram tonight..I think. Unless my car has a mind of it's own and heads there.  I have my bag packed...just in case :)

Enjoy the day and SMILE!

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