Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Middle of the week already!  This time last week we were all getting ready for a nice long, hot, sunny weekend.  Oh what a difference a week makes!

Today as I look out my window it is once again very gloomy and foggy and hovering around 69 degrees.  Summer!  Some back!!! Please? Summer is so short around here as it is that when we get a week of this it just doesn't seem fair :)

I left work yesterday and had yet another pretty easy commute home! Lots of people on vacation equals less traffic equals one happy girl.
I could have easily made the 5:45 Bikram class last night.  But by 3:00 yesterday..I was sitting in my office with a very sore and again swollen foot.  I feel like I am going through the whole recovery process again.  **note to self:  When a doc says don't run yet...don't run!  Even if it "feels" better!**

Last night included lots of ice.   We'll see how it feels this afternoon.  I'll make the call later about whether or not I have a Bikram class in me tonight! Would love love love to go sweat tonight but have to be smart about the foot at the same time right? Or this thing will never heal!

My thought for today...Well my mind is constantly working so I have many thoughts flying around in there at the moment...but here's one:

I wonder if friendships with the opposite sex change into something else at a point in the relationship. I don't know.
I have this friend...we'll call him Mike.  We've been friends for over 10 years. Probably talked liked once a month. But over the past couple of years we started talking more and more. We use to share dating stories (people live for my dating stories!  I've had some interesting ones!!! I could write a book..just saying.  You would laugh for certain. Trust me!) but don't anymore. And all of the sudden here we are now and talk every single day, multiple times a day. I can't remember the last day that we didn't text. I pretty much tell him everything. Complain about injuries, good stuff that happened during the day, my running, what I'm wearing...anything that's going on. He asks for my advice about career, talks about his little brother, talks about his running, selling his house etc...really anything that's going on.  He's always telling me I'm adorable, sexy, cute, girly, sweet (there's more..but I'll leave it there)...Asks to buy me dinner. I was shopping and he gave me his credit card number to buy something!  No..I did not use it!

So now I feel confused.  I can't tell if this is just our friendship getting deeper or something more. He's a truly very nice person and very thoughtful, so is he just being his nice self?  He's my friend no doubt. I love our friendship.  But is there more?  I have no clue.  But what I do know is I don't think I would ever want to try to find out if there was something else.  I wouldn't ever want to chance loosing his friendship.

Anyway...just thought I share one of the things running around in my little mind today!  You know what would help make things clear?  Of course you do silly!  Bikram.  When things are foggy in our heads being in the hot room for 90 minutes seems to clear things up a bit.  Might not find the answer but I bet you come close.  Sometimes in Savasana I have the best ideas!

Enjoy your Wednesday and always smile!


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