Tuesday, July 9, 2013

38 Minutes to Bikram!

Happy Tuesday!  Tuesday is a weird day, isn't?  Nothing special about it. Just kinda there. 

So my commute yesterday afternoon?  38 minutes and I was exiting the highway! Yippee! Trust me, it can take 1.5 plus hours on a bad day, so 38 minutes and I wanted to dance! I pulled into Quincy with time to spare before Bikram started. Quick stop by Good Health Natural Foods http://www.goodhealthnaturalfood.com/index.html (needed tomato's for a veggie burger after class).  It's right up the street from the Bikram studio and I adore it. Love the products and the team that works there is just amazing.  Been going there for probably 20 years!

Quick snack of strawberries, blackberries and Balance Bar ( I have to eat a small snack RIGHT before class or I will conk out. So I always eat just before I go into the studio)  I leave my car up by the store and walk down to the studio.  Walking along, black bag draped across my body, green yoga mat in hand, I suddenly realize the temp has dropped like 20 degrees!  It's...chilly!? Then an SUV almost takes me down as I'm in the cross walk with the walk signal. Ugh.

I arrive at the studio, pull open the door, hear the familiar "click" and make my way up the stairs (those damn stairs kill me for some reason!), sign in, head into the Hot Room to place my mat down. Hot. Very hot (smile).  As expected. It's good.

Back in the locker room I notice a girl that I hadn't seen in a few years.  It was her first class back in a while.  I love that.  I love how we can take a break from our practice and come back and pick right back up where we left off.  How everyone just welcomes you back and is genuinely happy to see you!  I forget her name but she is just lovely and has a beautiful practice. 

I start chatting with an unfamiliar face. A first timer no doubt. She's nervous.  I tell her she'll be fine. Then I ask "what else do you do? Run? Bike?" She says "umm...I don't do anything." I want to exercise more and figured I'd start with this."  In my head I'm thinking "oh boy...possibly not a good idea."  But I smile and say "just listen to your body and have a good class!  Just breathe and let your body get use to and absorb the heat. Every one of us has had a first class." She then nervously follows me into the room. 

Class starts. Good size. Maybe 25 people? And hot.  Not sure on the temp but it was steamy!  Love it. Just a couple postures in I turned to check on First Timer.  She didn't look good.  She was already sitting on her mat with a very unhappy look on her face.  But I'm proud that she stayed in the room the entire class! She never left once. I hope she comes back and tries again (I told her she did great at the end of class :)

I felt very strong and determined the entire class until Rabbit.  It felt like there was literally NO air left in the room at that point. It was that kind of hot class where you're lying there and can feel the heat coming through your towel. Hot. Where you lie in Savasana and it feels like you are lying in the blazing sun (I actually thought that last night!) Hot. But this is what we like! This it what we come to crave. It's part of our experience.
Lucas opened the windows for final breathing and it was like a blast of air condition! Seriously. I actually shivered! ha! I lied in final Savasana thinking "that was amazing. what an awesome way to end the day."

After quickly changing clothes I sat on the benches in my white running skirt and red and white checkered button down shirt and talked with Lucas for a few minutes before making the short trek back to my car.  Out the door, cross the street... I have to walk by a bar that always has smokers (ick) out front. Tonight was no different.  2 guys who clearly had been drinking a while start taunting me. Slurring "a yoga girl!" loudly. getting really close to me saying "how's the yoga?" and laughing.  I stop and say "amazing" More laughing.  I smile and say nicely "you're an idiot. Go have another cigarette." and continue my walk.  Laughing stopped. HA!  I think it shocked them.  Yes, I'm like 5ft3 and 102 pounds.  No, I'm not afraid to speak up.

Hoping for another easy commute this afternoon so I can make the 5:45 class. Wish me luck! I come in early and leave by 4pm.  Even then though traffic can be a beast! One little fender bender can jam the roads. Next time you are on the highway see how many people are texting and driving. It's insane.

Oh...this guy?  Who the heck is that, you ask?  Well...that, of course, is my Pink Panther Yogi!  A friend actually got him for me when I did a 30 Day Challenge back in 2009 and he stuck by side since.  I've been with 2 companies since then and he has made the journey with me.  He sits on the wall in my office...reminding me of my Bikram practice! I know...I'm quirky :)

Have a happy afternoon.

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