Monday, July 15, 2013

Tune it out -

Monday! Looks like we have another hot, humid week in store for us in Boston.  Looks like 95 or so straight through to Friday. Yay!  I actually love it. When someone starts to complain about it I say "Stop!  Do you NOT remember this past February? Remember that ONE snow storm that buried us in 30 inches of snow? Remember the nearly 100 inches total that we got?" That usually makes them appreciate the heat (for a minute anyway).

Mondays. Weekends go by way too fast don't they? Once I'm out of bed, showered and in my car I actually don't mind Monday's too much.  It's like a fresh start. A fresh set of days to get things accomplished!  I actually don't sleep well on Sunday nights because I start to think about the week ahead. Then the alarm rings at 5:30am and I'm like "already?!?!" 

Lot's of lovely Bikram yoga this weekend:

Friday evening Bikram with Tracey was so-so. Not my favorite class but felt good to be there anyway.  Tracey keeps the room way too cool and then (I think out of habit) puts the fans on.  She's known for keeping the room too cool.  My water was still cold after class. And swear I got goose bumps when she turned the fans on.  I got there 15 minutes early and was the first one to arrive.  Finally with 10 minutes to spare 4 more people came!  I was considering leaving if I was the only one. Solo class would just be weird!

Saturday 3pm with Lucas:  Small class of 7.  Great class.  I love weekend classes. And I really have come to truly like Lucas very much as a teacher.  His dialog is slow and strong where he needs to be.  He's good about giving corrections (the littlest thing can make a HUGE difference). He keeps the room heated to where it should be. He's good about assessing the room and turning on the fans for a minute to re energize and refocus the group.  He's still a newer teacher but already great and very motivating.

In Saturday's class there's this guy.  He's very good and gives 100% effort with every posture. However...He's a grunter.  And not just here and there.  With every posture!  It gets a little distracting for sure. And then there was the fidgeter beside me. I kept telling myself...stop concentrating on them!  Think about your own practice.  Yeah. Didn't work.  Kinda focused on that the entire class.  Felt strong though.

Sunday 3pm with Lucas:  It was 90 plus degrees and humid out so I was unsure how big class would be. We had 10 people.  Good class for a Sunday!  Some faces that weren't familiar to me either. But the grunter was there again and he set up camp right near me. Each and every posture..grunt. And beside him was a girl that sits out every other posture and is constantly playing with her multiple water bottles. That's fine. But it's probably a better idea not to be front and center. Behind me was a woman who kept huffing and puffing and sighing loudly.  Just one of those classes :)  But it was nice and hot and it was a wonderful class.  As I lay on my towel, feeling the heat come through the mat, I thought...I love this practice so much. My legs were actually a little shaky.  Good class!

After class in the locker room the huffer and puffer says to me "lots of noises in the room today huh?" I laugh.."yes"  She says "I guess that's part of the challenge of the practice. To try to forget about all the noise?" Me "Yes!"  It's always something I struggle with.  Trying to not be bothered by peoples noises etc. Constant battle for me!  Have to keep working on tuning it out!

I love Sunday late afternoon classes.  Great way to end the weekend and get a jump on the week ahead!
Bill and Judy (mom and dad!)

After class I went to hang out with my two favorite parents!  We sat by their pool and just chatted and laughed (my dad thinks I'm hysterical/my mom lovingly says I'm wacky!).  Married for 51 years and still best of friends.  It amazes me that they spend nearly every waking moment together and still have so much fun.  And at 77 and 71 they still run at least 5 days a week.  Inspirational.

Lovely Sunday. 

  Whether you are struggling on a run, struggling with full locust or camel or whatever remember this...."I'm overwhelmed by the strength of my body and the power of my mind. For one moment, just one second, I feel immortal. " Diana Nyad

Happy running and happy yoga!

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