Monday, July 22, 2013

1 great...1 not so great

Weekends. Love em. But why oh why do they seem to fly by!

Let's get right to the weekend workouts shall we:

Saturday Bikram: 3pm class.  So I was unsure about how many people would show up for class given that it had been 100 degrees yesterday and Saturday was still around 95.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it was me and 14 others!  Good size class.  Enough to keep good energy up but not too big.

A minute before class starts water goes down the wrong pipe and I start choking. UGH!  I hurry myself to the ladies room and am choking and this woman is trying to talk to me.  I just keep putting my hands up to indicate I'm "OK".  Ha!

Anyway, this woman is looking nervous and asks where she can put her back and lock it up. Um..just put it in the cubbies and come on, I say. Class has already started! 

I leave her fumbling in the locker room and get myself back in the hot room, where breathing has started.  a couple minutes later the newbie comes in with 4 water bottles, her wallet and wearing flip flops. Oh first timers are funny.  Immediately the teacher shoes please.  So she just put them off to the side. No..all the way out of the studio.  Poor thing looked terrified.

Class was great though. Very hot as expected and challenging.  The type of class where at the end you are SO happy for air.  The Newbie? She almost bailed 1/2 way through. She started to roll up her mat saying out loud "I can't take it!"  Lucas is very calm and said "just leave your mat and go sit down.  Come back if you feel up to it. She came back in for floor and stayed the rest of class!  Congrats, Paula!

Sunday Bikram: 3pm class. this is the not so great part. I have come to really enjoy Lucas' class.  He is consistent, leads a true Bikram class. He is motivating and engaging and has a wonderful energy.  Saturday he told me he wasn't teaching Sunday and Linda was subbing. "OK, I thought, I'll give her a shot."

I always say it's never a bad idea to show up for yoga. I might have to edit that thought now.

In typical Sunday class fashion there are about 7 people in the studio today. I chat with the new teacher pre class.  She seemed to have  a good energy.

Sitting on my mat now waiting for class to begin.  Teacher enters the studio, lights off and fans are on, temp is not hot.  She moves right to the front of the room.  Fans still on high, lights still off and no heat going.  I'm concerned but thinking "maybe she just does breathing in this environment." Let's see what happens when we get to Half-Moon."   And with the breathing she only did about 1/2 the time and her dialog was not good.  so what happens as we go into Half-Moon?  Nothing!  Still no lights etc.

After 30 minutes I give up and do something in all my years of practicing I have never done.  I rolled up my mat and left.  It might seem rude but here's the thing. I practice Bikram.  I pay $150/month to practice Bikram as it should be. I love the practice. When Instructors put their own spin on the class, it changes the dynamic of it. Practicing in the dark pulls the energy levels down. I was very frustrated and it was not good for me to sit in there getting more and more frustrated. So I left.   And I will make sure I never take this instructors class in the future.

Well...Traffic has been horrible lately. Hoping to make it to the 5:45 tonight but we will see what the traffics gods have in store.  Fingers crossed!

Have a happy day!

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