Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ice Cream Truck Day!

I love holiday week commutes!  I leave my house pretty early most days to miss the heavy traffic. Even with leaving at 6:15am it generally takes me at least an hour and 15 min. Bad days? 1.5 hours.  Today? 40 minutes!  Yipee!  The commute home is usually worse. A really, really bad day..a rainy day perhaps..or throw an accident in...can take close to 2 hours. Insane. Boston area traffic can be brutal to say the least.  So this week I'm just going to enjoy the quiet highways!

People ask me all the time why I choose to work for a company located in a spot where the commute is horrible.  My answer?  I adore my company.  I love the team I work with, our product and space (Healthcare Analytics/Informatics) and my role here!  I'm very fortunate to work with such a talented and bright team every day. I've been a Corporate Recruiter/Talent Acquisitions for about 10 years and I truly LOVE what I do.  Such a great feeling being able to connect someone to the right opportunity and at the same time grow our company. I love when I need a break and I can shut the door to my office and look at this for a few minutes...Although we are in a city our office building is away from the traffic etc.  Feels like the country!

Ok, you ask...so then why, Traci, don't you move closer to your work?  Good question! Answer:  Because I love where I live too!  I'm comfortable and enjoy living right on the water. Sitting outside watching the boats go by on a warm summer evening or watching a snow storm roll in across the water...love it.

So I get through the traffic woes. Some days wear on me more than others. Some days I sit in my car looking at a sea of red brake lights and think..I'm going to lose my mind if we don't start moving! (insert curses where you think they might go!) My poor mom has been on the receiving end of more than one traffic meltdown call. Thanks, Mom! I'm almost certain when she sees a "traci" call coming in during commute time she thinks twice about answering. :)

Most days I just listen to the radio (mostly talk on the evening drive), eat a snack (I'm always prepared with a mini healthy picnic! ha). I know I'll get home eventually. What I've come to realize is somehow, some way it seems when you love what you do the commute is more manageable. It's just part of your day.  You accept it.

So aside from the traffic "stuff"..in other news...I did a walk/run (well slow jog I guess) yesterday to test the foot. Did OK!  I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Started off with a power walk and worked up to a 12 min mile.  I know, I know..SLOW!  But I was just happy to be at least doing that.  I was scared about how it would feel today. So how does it feel?  Pretty good! Making progress. I just need to remember to be patient and not add too much too soon.

Today's workout:  Treadmill/yoga at home 

AND I was just reminded today is Ice Cream Truck Day here at Verisk! 2 Friday's ago we had Friday Happy Hour. :)

Enjoy your Tuesday and smile!

Happy running!

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