Monday, July 29, 2013

Traffic, a Birthday and Bikram!

Happy (why do people say that?) Monday!  What a lovely weekend it was.  Getting to it was the hard part!

Thursday before I left the office for the evening I checked the traffic on WBZ online. UGH! Every direction was just solid red lines.  Not good.  I knew this was going to be a tough commute. I just didn't realize it would be one of the worst commutes EVER.  I hopped on the highway at 4pm.  I finally arrived home 2 and 1/2 hours later.  It was just terrible.  I might have even shed a tear! (ok..i did).  Once I got home it took another 2 hours just to calm down. The traffic guys on the radio described the roads as "miserable". 

I woke up the next morning and decided to work from home.  I could not get back in my car. I just couldn't. PLUS it was my Birthday!  So I worked from home and took the afternoon off to go shopping.  Treated myself to a few things including these earrings which I love mostly because they are my favorite color :)

Dinner and drinks with friends followed which was just perfect.

Saturday:  I needed a good solid Bikram class!  And that's just what I got.  The 3pm with Lucas. I walked in 15 minutes early to place my mat down and...WOW!  Intense heat wall hits me.  I take a peak at the temp on the wall...111 degrees and class hasn't started yet.  This is gonna be good!  And it was. Even though there were only 5 of us in that room it was a wonderful class.  I felt stronger than I have in 2 months (that's when I fractured my heel).  For the first time in what feels like forever I was pain free. YIPPEE! I truly can see the healing process now. Almost there!

Saturday evening after yoga was the family birthday party at my parents for me and my sister (hers is a day after mine). It was so much fun!  I truly have the most wonderful, fun family.  Love them!  My niece Hanna (10) is a competitive gymnast along with my older niece Emily (16).  Hannah is intrigued with Bikram so I literally did every posture with her. She totally rocked!  Standing head to knee first time she tried it! HA!  Really fun night with the family.

Sunday:  I decided that Books on CD might help dull the pain of the commute.  So made a Barnes and Noble trip before Bikram.  I started it on my commute in this morning. It's 17 hours long!

Bikram was the 3pm with Lucas again.  And today was HIS birthday!  He's a chocolate lover so I got him a couple of Theo dark chocolate bars (one with Chili peppers, one with orange zest).  Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Class was great.  About 15 people maybe?  I think about 5 newbies.  One was behind me so I kept trying to show her the postures.  She was following my every single move!  I told her she did great and should come back! I hope she does.  I wonder how many people actually come back after that first class?  I think some are so shocked at how challenging it actually is.  But that's what we love about it. The fact that every class is different. Each offers a different challenge.

One thing I have to mention about yesterday...Not sure how to phrase this but...The middle aged woman beside me just seemed a bit off.  In her own little world. Doing her own postures.  I've seen her do this before...she has on a very loose low cut flowy tank and no bra!  So when she bends over to get into guessed it. Boobs completely exposed.  Not what we all need to see lady.  Cover it up!  The poor guy behind her had to be distracted.  That's what we saw when we looked in the front mirror!

And check out the beautiful tomatoes my garden is yielding.  Nothing better than fresh off the vine with a little sea salt, mozzarella, basil (also from garden) and balsamic. Perfection!

Have a wonderful Monday!
Pending the traffic situation hoping to get to Bikram tonight. We shall see! If you see a girl on the news stuck in traffic could be me! :)

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