Saturday, February 27, 2010

Listening to my body

Happy weekend! Hope everyone had a great week. It was good but a busy one for sure. I'm happy to say that all the snow the Northeast is getting these days is just hitting us here in the Boston area as rain. So happy!

I've been a rally bad blogger huh? Every time I open up my blog to type away I just look, grunt and close it. You see this blog was created to talk about my running, my yoga, my workouts. The past couple of months I have had more injuries than ever. I've been working out all my life (pretty much anyway) and have never had to deal with injuries like this. So needless to say, I have had a tought time dealing with them now. First my hip flexor in December (which is still not 100% healed), and now the stress fractured foot. So frustrating.

Speaking of the foot. It still hurts and the swelling is still there. BUT when I think how it felt 3 weeks ago, that's when I realize how much it is actually healing. I have been really good about sticking to the "resting the foot” part of the healing process. 3 weeks ago I couldn't walk across the room without intense pain. Now I can walk in my running shoes and manage ok. I really just want to run or go to yoga, but I am fearful. I just want to heal this thing right. I don't want to still be dealing with this when the nice weather comes our way.

Luckily I have been swamped at work to keep my mind off of it.

So my workouts these days continue to focus on upper body and core. This morning I worked through the entire Bikram series at home (sans the heat). I rolled out one of my yoga mats, the blue one, (you might remember I like to change it up and have 3 mats!) and from breathing to spine twist I did the series. Some postures were modified of course. The only posture I left out completely was Awkward. Other than that everything else felt pretty ok. I thought about taping up my foot and heading to class this afternoon. My head could absolutely us it! I would love to get that feeling of total peace when class is over. After running through it over and over in my head doing a mental checklist of goods and bads, I decided to give it another week. I'm already this far into it, what another week? UGH! I really think this is the best choice, for me anyway. I always tell people to listen to their bodies. Well, body, ya I'm listening. I hear you. You are not ready yet. Soon though, right? Promise?

For now, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing on the workout front. I'll keep resting this foot. I'll keep taking my vitamins. I'll keep eating healthy. I'll do all the right things I can to get this healed as fast as possible.

To my awesome niece Sarah who is in her senior year at University: Congrats on passing the Teachers exam! You are going to make an amazing teacher sweetie!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope it involves lots of fun things!

See you back here soon…Cheers! Traci


  1. Traci~ I know it's frustrating for you. You're doing the right thing, you already know that tho! Listen listen....

  2. BYC: Thx! I know I'm doing the right thing but it helps SO much to hear it from people like you too! I know you understand! :) Thanks!

  3. Just know that you'll be back in the hot room soon!

  4. Hey Traci, I haven't "talked" to you for weeks. I was out of the blogging world for a while. I guess we all have to disconnect every now and then. I hope you recover soon. Just take your time and listen to your body. Don't rush it. Like Greb mentioned, you'll be back in the torture chamber soon :)

  5. Sorry meant to type Greg, super Greg :-)

  6. BigG: Thanks and I am counting the days!

    Cirita: Good to take a break now and then from the wonderful world of blogging! I haven't posted much since I have been sidelined. I just feel like I don't have any great stories to relate right now. But I will soon! Foot is healing more every day. Like you say though, not going to rush it. Thanks for the note!!!!

  7. I've missed your energetic morning posts! How's your foot feeling? I hope you are continuing on the upswing. Happy weekend to you! :)

  8. Catherine: Thanks for the note! I'll be back to myself very soon...and I can't wait. I'll have lots of interesting things to say about my workouts as I ease back into them I'm sure! Foot feels better every day. I'm willing it to get better!!! Have an awesome week-end!

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