Monday, February 15, 2010


What's up guys?  Did you have to work today or did ya have the day off?  We worked.  Typical busy Monday. 

Today, as I am getting through my interview schedule, I started thinking about how my job actually makes a difference in many lives.  I think we all want to feel like what we do makes a difference in some way.  I looked at how many people we extened offers to and hired during the past year.  It's a fairly big number, well over 100.  That's over 100 people who have been laid off, downsized etc. I never really stop to think how by hiring them, we have picked them up and given them a chance to start again. And how they can feel confident when they join the Granite Telecom team; they will be joining a solid, growing company.  Pretty good feeling!

Anyway, talking about good feelings, do you know what this week is?  Today starts Random Acts of Kindness Week!  And it doesn't have to be anything major.  Simple things like:  Holding the elevator for someone instead of letting the door close, smiling at a stranger, letting someone in line at the store who looks rushed & stressed go in front of you, paying a compliment to a co-worker on a job well done, email the corporate headquarters and let them know what a great job the barista team at your favorite coffee shop is doing (believe me this goes a long way).  There's tons of things you can do.  Most take but a second of time, but to the recipient it can change their day. It really can.  Your simple act might be the thing that puts a smile on their face for the rest of the day.  Let me know if you have any good experiences experimenting with it this week.

Still no workouts for me :( .... Need to get this foot healthy stat!

Enjoy your evenings everyone!



  1. ooohhh....random acts of kindness week! Nice!
    Sending healing thoughts to your poor foot!

  2. BYC: Thank you for the healing thoughts! hugs...

  3. HappyYogi: Hi! Thanks for asking. The hip is getting much better, now if I could just heal this foot I will be in great shape! Soon. I will be 100% soon! Hope your challenge is going well :)