Monday, February 8, 2010

A Beautiful New Boot!

Happy Monday all. Welcome back to the work week.  Hope everyone had a fun and rejuvinating weekend! After all that's what it's for right?  My weekend?  Eh, just ok.

I thought I would show you the perfectly lovely boot I am sporting on my left foot as of Saturday. Isn't she a beauty? Looks like this will be my stylish footwear for a couple of weeks. Lovely. I do hear they are all the rage. Seems that wearing heals and limping around for a couple of months wasn't the best idea. This left foot of mine really wasn't happy about it. Sorry foot. This thing is actually amazing. My foot doesn't hurt one bit when I walk in it. Something about immobilizing it and not letting the foot bend. I don't know, as long as I can walk and it gets better, that's all I care about. It's kind of heavy and clunky though and I feel like I’m walking around in a ski boot (I'm a terrible skier by the way!).  I keep thinking...Ok, I just need to get through the next few weeks of all these pains and injuries, then it'll be spring and my body will be back to normal! The art of positive thinking is powerful and can create amazing results. I'm a true believer in that. Really am. Just need to kick out those "woe is me" thoughts that keep creeping into my head though! Just have to rock on, right kids? No time for self pity.

I've been letting myself get down about not being able to workout for the last 2 weeks. Finally over the weekend I knew I needed an attitude adjustment...FAST. I pride myself in being a positive person. So I said to myself...Well, Traci, you can walk around with a frown on (which creates wrinkles!) and stew about all of this OR you can accept it, deal with it, get well and move the hell on. You can't wish it away.  Sounds better to me! So that's where I am. I'm going to do all I can to get these injuries healed as fast as I can. I'm going to do what I am told (rare & hard for me!) and listen. In the meantime I'll keep working my upper body. And halfmoon poses actually feel so good on my spine.  There's lots of stretching, arms & ab work I can do.  For now it will have to be good enough. Besides, summer will be here before we know it and I'll have these amazing arms from all the arms workouts! Tank tops here I come! And when I do get back to the Bikram studio (MISS IT!) I’ll still be nice and strong. See...there it is.  My positve attitude is still lurking around.

Ok people! That's it. That's all I have for ya. Busy day here at work.  I might have to ask them to bring my candidates up to me.  Going up and down multiple times today with the boot thing might get pretty exhausting.  Or...Maybe it will be good for my body to move?  Don't know, we'll see how it goes. Hope every single one of you  has a perfect day.



  1. This reminds me of Tom Brady's boot from a few years ago:) At least you've got the correct handling now!

  2. Cool boot you got!

    Listen to your body, and then ask it again if it is ok to do the proposed way. If it is ok to take the steps one time, don't take for granted that 2 times is ok.

    Take care!

  3. BigG: Any thing about Tom Brady I am cool with! :)

    HappyYogi: Lovely isn't it? People tell me I have matched it well with my outfit today. I'm thinking of it like an accessory!

    Thanks guys!

  4. My goodness, you are injury challenged right now! Love the positive attitude though! That will help you get better I just know it. Love the "ski boot". Think how good you'll be at getting on and off the chair lift next time you ski!

  5. BYC: Just feels like one thing after another this year! Oh well...I had to put my booted foot in a garbage bag to get to my car after work in the snow tonight. Lovely picture huh? Sigh...Hope you are doing well!

  6. ha, it's not so bad. you could bedazzle it for some extra sass?

  7. brookem: Love that idea! I think I'll show up Monday to work with all sorts of bling attached to it! Haha!!!