Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Luck!

Happy Saturday! I haven't ventured outside yet, but it looks pretty nice. Some sun, temps in the 30's...I can deal with that!

First and foremost I have to send a big old GOOD LUCK to Chris Bopp, owner of the Bikram studio in Quincy where I practice. He's out in California for the International Yoga Asana Championship this weekend. Good luck Chris! And congrats on making it there.

Sometimes I look at the postures these people do and sit there thinking....Good God! My body will never do that. And you know what? That's ok, because yoga is personal. It's about you, not what the person beside you is doing. It's you, on your mat for 90 minutes. A "moving meditation" as they say. I was thinking about that the other day. We rush around all day long, running from one point to the next. Talking, talking, talking. Sometimes forgetting even to do the most simple thing, breathe. And then for these 90 minutes we literally stand on this little mat and say zero words. Oh sure, most of the times we have lots of words running through our heads. I think we all have had some pretty spirited silent conversations. Sometimes they are pep talks, sometimes they are fights. But no words are spoken out loud. These 90 minutes are all mine. 90 minutes just for me. How good is that? Pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

As you know I have been sidelined with injuries the past few weeks. I feel like when I get back to the studio I'm going to be a beginner all over again! And when I tie my running shoes and hit the streets, it will be a struggle to find my breath. I'll get it back though. I will. That's a promise.

This morning I ran through the Bikram series at home (well, I did what I could anyway with my foot). Breathing, half-moon, eagle, standing separate leg stretching, triangle (modified), tree (modified), cobra, locust, camel. So I had to pass on many of the postures. But the ones I could do I held extra long and boy did it feel great! My body is getting tighter and tighter the longer I'm out of the studio. Can't wait to get back. I have to loosen this baby up!

My foot by the way? After one week I can feel it getting better already. I have been extra good about letting it heal. I just know I will be ready to ease back into my workouts in no time. I just know it. Can. Not. Wait!

Enjoy your Saturday, people! I'm really hoping to be back in the studio by next weekend. I would love to be able to post about a workout! Oh, I'll set up in the back of the room and do modified postures.  But at least I'll be back in my yoga clothes, back in the studio and back to practicing our beloved Bikram. Running? Well that's still a ways away.  One thing at a time.

Smile and hugs...Traci


  1. You know what's cool about the yoga, though... is that your body CAN do lots of that stuff. Some of these champs were totally "normal" people when they started. At first you watch thinking, "I'll never do that..." Then you think, "I wonder if I could do that...?" Then you realize, "Ooh, I bet eventually I WILL do that." And then you get to look forward to it. :)

  2. DancingJ: Can't wait until I get to "I WILL do that!" Hope you had fun at the Championships!