Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Good afternoon all! How was the day? A good one I hope! I honestly feel like we should be much further into the week than Tuesday. I have been asking my candidates all day how their week was going. Finally in my last candidate meeting of the day my candidate says...well, it is only Tuesday but I guess it's going well so far. Wise guy. Great candidate though and has my thumbs up to hire!

What a whirlwind of a day. Ever get to the end of the work day, the sun is just about set and you are just like...How did that happen? Where did this day go! One of those days today. It always cracks me up that as fast as I fill an open requisition there's another new one right behind it. Working on a couple of roles here that are brand new to our company, so trying to find my way to the right candidates for them is kind of a challenge. Makes it fun though! Always up for a challenge. I love the fact that I hire for so many different positions, divisions and levels here. So interesting to meet with candidates from new college grads all the way up to Senior Level Management. People are just so interesting.

Lunch today was oh so lovely and that set the stage for a great afternoon. Me and 3 guys I work with decided to order Sushi from a great local place called Beni Cafe. Of course once some others got wind of it they wanted in.  Next time guys...sorry.  I got the Spicy Avacado and Cucumber Maki.  I love spicy and used so much wasabi my face was bright red and my mouth was on FIRE. A little wasabi goes a long way doesn't it?  I got 6 rolls and finished every single one of them. Yum!  Just the thing I needed to boost my energy to tackle the afternoon. Our conversation the enitre time revolved around running and working out! The whole time I kept thinking....Oh I miss it so! For an additional boost of course I needed my afternoon latte fix too. Naturally!

So how's my hip? About the same as yesterday.  Last night I tried doing some yoga poses to test it and I think I might have over stretched the hip flexor a bit.  I tried some Trees, Eagles, Triangles, Half Moons and Bows. I just wanted to see where my hip was at.  Conclusion: Not Ready! Need a few more days of being patient with the healing process. Wish I could just hit the fast forward button though! Soon enough.

So I have a planned upper body workout tonight: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Push Ups and also some Planks. Going to toss in some yoga poses to stretch out.  Think I'll give pull ups a shot too, but really not very good at them.  Love, love, love Planks though!

Have a fabulous evening everyone!  Enjoy your workout/Bikram practice and remember to have fun with it. We do this because we choose to. Because we want to...Remember that.



  1. Hope you feel better soon!!! Take your time to recover though!!!

  2. Thanks Cirita! You're right, I need to take my time and let it heal properly!!!

  3. HappyYogi: I could eat it every single day! Yum!!!

  4. Oh damn, now you've got me craving sushi. One of my FAVORITE foods!

  5. BYC: Have sushi for lunch today! Such a great treat :)