Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wearing TWO shoes

Hello Everyone! Have a great week? Hope so. Work was insane this week. I'm always busy, but this week was just NUTS. Multiple projects that needed to wrap up at the same time. Seriously didn't have a chance to breathe all week. Picture me flying around our 130,000 sq ft building from meeting to meeting in my air cast! Finally yesterday around 5pm yesterday afternoon I finally felt my body relaxing. My boss and I just looked at each other as if to say...we made it! We kind of have the same mentality in that we love organized chaos. We thrive on it. At some points this week I really thought my head might explode though! Happy to say I made it through.

For all my hard work this week I was rewarded with Floor seats, row A to the Celtics game (the game is on a Friday in a few weeks). These are amazing seats and you can literally fist pump the players as they walk by. So much fun. Thanks boss! I appreciate it!

You know what I could have used this week? A good sweat. AKA a Bikram class! That would have calmed me down, loosened me up and helped my focus. My head kept saying go, go, go. My foot kept fighting those words and saying no, no, no. So I did the right thing. I listened to my foot and continued the healing process.

And boy am I ever glad I did listen to it. I got home last night and as I took the air cast off I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and held my breath. In my head I'm thinking...Please, please, please. Please let there be no pain as I put my weight on this foot. I place my foot on the floor, open my eyes and breathe. Hmmm, this feels pretty good! Perfect? No. Better? YES! So, So much better! Yippee. Not only that, but the hip? The hip is also a ton better. I can feel it guys. I can. I can feel my body healing. I can feel myself getting stronger and back to normal. And I'm happy. Oh so happy.

As for the air cast...I have clearance to shed it for the most part. Doc says it might be a good idea to have it at work as I am constantly on the go and I am not 100% healed. But today? No air cast for this girl today! I have not one but TWO running shoes on right now and it feels almost normal. Oh I wouldn't attempt a run or anything. No no no. But I am so pleased to say I do believe Bikram may be in my future this week. YAY!!!! Happiness. I just need to wrap it for class and ice it after. I'll need to take it easy, but at least I’ll be in there.

I'm seriously busting at the seams here in Boston. I cannot wait to jump into my yoga clothes again and SWEAT! Funny how much one can miss sweating :) I think this break really made me realize how much Bikram is a part of me. How I am meant to do it. How I need it in my life. You ready to welcome me back Bikram? Silly question. Of course you are. You always are. You just sit there waiting and when we're ready to come back you're there opening the door and saying, "welcome back my friend".

Thanks to every single one of you who offered me words of encouragement over the past few weeks. I truly, truly appreciate them. Honestly.

Franca: Thanks for the email and update on the studio. Made me even more excited to get back!!! I WILL see you very soon!

Ok! So what’s up for today? I have some errands to run (with two shoes on!) and then tonight I’m helping my sis celebrate her birthday. Should be a fun night! Have a great Saturday guys! And I just have to say…It’s good to almost be back.

Enjoy the day people!

Lots of Cheers and Smiles and Love to ya!  Traci

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  1. Hurray! 2 feet again!
    I am so happy for you!

    Just take it easy as you start using it again so you don't overwork it immediate.