Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Miss, I Miss, I Miss

Hi everybody! How’s the week going so far? Awesome I hope! Yesterday was a bit of a crazy weather day. Pretty much snowed on and off all day. That's the view from my office around 3pm yesterday afternoon. To get to my car after work I had to once again put my aircasted foot in a garbage bag and tuck it into the top. What a look! Very attractive indeed. And the bag was white so it really stuck out against my black tights. What a pretty girl! Actually, I looked a little bit like a freak and made some co-workers laugh, but I didn’t care. At least my “boot” stayed nice and dry. I have come to the conclusion there is no way to look good wearing this thing on my left foot and a shoe on my right. Just not a good look folks. Alls I can say is better now than in the summer! I even asked one of my “friends?” (don’t ask) to come to my work, clear my car off and pull it to the front of the building for me. No such luck. I was kidding of course. Well, half kidding. I was secretly hoping he’d show up. Not just to clean off my car but because I really wanted to see him. Sighing... the end of the day after running all around this 130,000 sq foot building of ours, my foot generally throbs. Today, not as much. Hmmm...healing perhaps? One can only hope. And my hip flexor? Although it is not 100% pain free, it seems to be about 90%. I noticed the more I stretch it out the better it feels. Stretch, stretch, streeeeetch! One of the candidates I was interviewing the other day looked at me and literally said “you’re kind of a mess”. Normally I would take offense, but I had to laugh. Right you are candidate, I am a mess! But the mess is temporary. I’ll be back soon!

I get home last night and decide to do some easy yoga poses (did some in my office earlier too). I love how it opens you up and how you can feel the blood pumping through your body. Also did some ab work and pushups. Not a fancy, hard core workout but at least I felt like I moved my body!

Things I miss...and miss...and miss...insert big sigh here:
You know what I really miss? Of course you do. This is no secret. I miss my yoga studio. I miss the hot room. I miss the heat (oh how I love that heat), I miss the feeling of sweat first breaking during the first couple of postures and how you make note of when you start to sweat (I always make a mental note of this for some odd reason). I miss when the sweat first starts to drip off your body. I miss how when it’s a really hot room and you can hear the sweat dripping on the mats and it sounds like a rain forest. I miss standing on my yoga mat, MY little space for the next 90 minutes and challenging myself. I miss looking myself in the eye in that mirror and saying “get after it”. I miss the amazing energy that comes from the other yogi’s in the room. I miss the seeing the faces of newer yogis in the room as they try and try and try (don’t give up yogi’s). I miss giving them positive feedback and encouragement. I miss teachers telling me they know I can do it right so DO IT RIGHT! I miss my yoga clothes. I miss my yoga friends. I even miss the things that sometimes irk me. Like the tiny locker room and jockeying for a little space to change (one time there were so many people in there I just said...Oh damn and changed right in front of the door. No time for modesty in Bikram). I miss the sounds of people’s water bottle caps turning (ok I really don’t miss that one), I miss dragging my weary body up the long staircase to the studio. I miss the orange walls. I miss falling out of postures and having the determination to jump right back in. I miss battling for a parking spot near the studio and the odd sense of satisfaction I get when I secure a prime spot out front. I miss the rush of getting to the studio after work. I miss my routine, my schedule, my passion. I miss the feeling of euphoria after class. I miss that feeling of pure happiness. I miss, I miss, I miss....I all. My heart, my mind, my body...All are aching to practice Bikram. To feel THAT feeling we get after 90 minutes of class. I am going to be one very happy girl when I finally get back. One very happy girl. My other love, running.  Well, he's still a ways away. Yoga first, then running.

 Random Act of Kindness Week: How ya doing with it?Last night I simply handed a basket to a guy at the store before grabbing one for myself. He looked confused and shocked and said “oh...thanks and smiled” Your welcome, as I smiled back. As I passed by a co-worker in the hall today her head was down and she looked pretty sad. I simply said...I love your outfit today! Very cute! With that her head popped up and I swear walked away with a pep in her step. You see, the acts, they needn’t be big, or costly. Just a couple of words, a simple gesture. That’s it. And bonus: It will make you feel good too! Give it a shot.

Thought for the day: You can’t force flexibility. It’s about releasing and opening gradually. Body + Soul, March 2010

Ok friends that’s about all I have for today. Can’t wait until I can actually talk about my Bikram practice again. I sense it will be like learning to walk all over again so I should have all sorts of interesting things to say! Hoping for only another week in the boot so keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? I can use all the positive energy I can grab!

Good night all and of course...Cheers...Traci


  1. Yes, I can feel your longing for the yoga in this post! I cannot wait to read about your first class glad you are keeping your chin up!

  2. Thanks guys! Trying to keep my positive attitude. It's tough sometimes. I actually miss the hot room more than runnning! I just keep thinking how great it will be when I finally get back there.