Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cardio I Miss YA!

Hi all! Happy middle of the week. Hope your day is going swimmingly wherever you may be. In Boston we woke up this morning to a bit of snow falling from a gray sky. Wasn't expecting that! Just a flurry but enough to create a white blanket on my car.  I was too cold and lazy this morning to brush it off so I did the old trick of putting the windows up & down and turning the windshield wipers on.  HA! Look at that...Good to go and I didn't even have to brave the cold!  Thankfully the snow was really nothing to speak of.  I kind of feel like we are about due for another storm soon. Ugh!

Crazy busy day again at work. I was talking to my mom last night and she says...When do you think it's going to quiet down for you?  Ha!  What a funny girl you are mom!  It's not going to slow down and I like it that way.  Busy is good!  Sometimes I feel like there are so many people trying to get just a little piece of me all day long though. Just one Traci to go around.  Maybe I should clone myself?  And I have run out of room on my desk today so the floor of my office is littered with folders. Seriously, I need to organize big time before I leave tonight.   I thrive on this though. Good stuff!

I took a few minutes away from the action to grab some lunch at Panera though.  Had a delicious Tomato & Mozzarella on Ciabatta. So good.  One of the guys wanted  me to be in on the sushi run again today but I like to mix it up a bit.

And of course this delish afternoon treat!  That would be a tall non-fat pumpkin spice latte. It was really good but I think there must have been an extra shot of espresso in there. Left me a bit hyper! I just might be addicted to them...
Not exactly what I love but got in my arm workout last night along with some of those planks that I love.  You really can feel them working!
Wish I had a crystal ball and could see when I would be pain free!  This hip flexor/psoas is driving my insane! Oh well, could be worse. Could always be worse right? Need to do cardio soon! I miss my cardio!!!

Have an awesome evening all.  Keep on staying strong 101's dayers! Enjoy a pose or two for me :).



  1. We are thinking of you, babe! Take it easy like you're doing, and you'll be back in business soon enough! xoxo

  2. I sprained my ankle badly in November, and although it is *mostly* better, it it stiff and tender when I first get out of bed. This morning I thought of you and your hip flexor as I walked, gingerly. I hope you are feeling the healing!!

  3. I'm going to try to do a kick ass standing head to knee for you today! Woo hoo!
    Pumpkin spice latte's are the best. Yum. Good treat in that cold weather you guys are having. My dad lives in Vermont and he's right there with ya...will be glad when it warms up!

  4. Catherine: Injuries are the worst aren't they! It kills me how long it takes to recover and be 100%. Sometimes it feels better than others. Good luck with that ankle:)

    BYC: Haha! Get after that standing head to knee girl! Just had more sushi and looking forward to a PS Latte if I can get away for a few minutes this afternoon. It's probably even colder where your dad is! I hate winter :(