Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your week.  It's finally Friday and we have all earned a relaxing weekend haven't we?  We're working Monday, but hope you guy's can enjoy a long weekend!

My foot is still on the mend.  I am absolutely going out of my mind not working out.  Doing what I can to keep limber but I can't wait to get a real workout in!  Patience right?  The more patient I am the better and faster I will heal.

Right now my foot (and my whole mind and body) is tired.  I'm constantly running all week long around the building from meeting to meeting. Which normally I love, but by the end of the day today I was done.  Drained.  I was tired of carrying this air cast boot around. By the end of the day it felt as if it weighed 50 pounds. And I was tired of answering the question "what happened?" I know everyone was just being nice, but people who know me know enough to just keep moving along.  The last thing this girl wants is attention because of an injury.  The weekend sure showed up at the right time.  Couple of days of rest and I'll be good to go again! That much I know. Right now I'm looking forward to a nice quiet night at home with my leg propped up on a pillow and possibly a glass of cabernet in my hand.

Enjoy your Friday evening everyone!  And Challengers...Thinking about you all and hoping you are staying strong!  Cheering you on from Boston :0) 


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