Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to Sweat! (and I did!)

Good Morning to you! And Happy Saturday! Pretty gray out there today. Not exactly a nice sunny day, but at least we have a couple days off work to recharge right? Another busy week at work. I hired 8 people plus 4 temps. So Monday I have 13 New Hires starting with our growing team! Right now we are about 750 people in our company. No end to the growing in sight. Whew! Also planning a Granite Telecom Celtics Night outing for some of our team. I set up/organized a night where there will be about 100 of our employees going to the game on the 14th of April. Last home game of the year so it should be tons of fun! Not the same Floor seats I'll be sitting in on the 26th but Loge and still good.

Anyways...I slept in a little bit the morning and didn't wake until about 8:30. I lied there in my bed and started to bend my toes back and forth. Actually felt pretty ok. Since this injury happened my foot is usually so tight in the morning that it's tough to even bend the toes. Much better this morning. Much.

I was still in my cozy bed when I made the decision. Right then and there I said...Today. Today is the day. IT"S TIME. This is the day I head back to the Bikram studio I have missed so, so much. This is it guys! I need it. I know it won't be easy and I'll still need to modify certain postures but I'll be there. I think I'm actually a little nervous. I haven’t had a good sweat in weeks! I need to think about where to set up my mat. You know I am usually a front row kind of girl. But I think I might move myself to a nice hidden spot, as I’m not sure how my body is going to do today.

3:30pm is the class I'll be heading to. The class is with Zeb. He’s a newer teacher to our studio. He joined us while I was out on injury so I have not had the pleasure of taking his class. I have heard some good things from fellow students who have been so nice to keep in touch with me and update me during the past several weeks. Excited to see and practice on the new carpet in the studio too! Yay!

Ok people...Wish me luck. This could go either way. Either I'll walk out of the studio saying..YES, I'm back. Or I'll walk out saying...Ok, you tried but your foot needs a bit more time. Being the ultimate optimist I sticking with the "I'm back!"

Couple of errands to get done before class so I'm off to get those done. Trying to pack my yoga bag but it’s been so long I feel like I’m forgetting something!

One more thing...BYC: Remember how we had that pact about letting our guard down a little bit?  Slowly but surely I've been doing it.  So far so good.  Still cautious but getting there :) .

Whatever you have planned for your Saturday I hope you enjoy it. And remember…Take time to breathe!

***UPDATE***  Quick note...Went to the 3:30 Bikram class.  How was it?  One word...Divine.  I have to go rush to get ready to go out but it felt so great.  I felt strong and happy and nearly pain free.  God have I missed that studio.  Fill you all in on the details tomorrow.  For now, have a fabulous Saturday night!  Be safe.  Love...Traci


  1. Oh, I'm so glad it went well for you! Yay!!!!!

  2. Thanks BYC! I can't put into words how good I felt to be back. Seeing all my "yoga friends", breathing, moving my body from posture to posture. I felt like I could do a double. The foot is a little tender now but all is good! Going to ease back into it but I AM SO HAPPY! Have a happy day :)

  3. Hurray!
    Welcome back on your mat!

    I'm a bit curious about you letting your guard down... ;)

  4. glad you were able to go! Sometimes the most difficult days in the room or just getting to the room are the best days.