Sunday, March 21, 2010

Body, Mind and Spirit

Hi everyone! Hope you all had fantastic weekends!!! Weekend was good here. Boston temps were Ahmazing yesterday. I think we topped out around 75 degrees...WITH a perfectly sunny sky. Wow! Not typical weather around these parts in March for certain. But people are just so much happier. People are outside. My windows are open. Truly, this weather is good for your body, mind, and spirit. Today was much cooler at around 50, but sunshiny and nice. I'll take it!

Last weekend we had some terrible weather. We got over 10 inches of rain in 3 days. The earth, streams and brooks could not take any more water. And so then came the floods. So many people and many feet of water enter their homes. Roads were shut down. Destruction. Terrible. By Tuesday the sun came out and the clean up began. My heart goes out to all those affected by the rains.

I ended my wonderful weekend with a divine Bikram class this afternoon. After being disappointed with the studio being closed yesterday for renovations I was so looking forward to class today. And it did not disappoint. First, the studio looks so great. Second, there was a good amount of people in class, but not crowded at all. Lots of room to spread out. Third, the heat was good. You know it's hot when you are sweating before class even begins. And fourth, and possibly most important, I love where I am with my practice. Oh sure, my foot still hurts and yells at me sometimes. But I love that I am more controlled with the postures. That I do each posture with 100% effort. That the fans don't bother me. That peoples breathing and sighing don't bother me. Nothing bothers me. Really, I'm just as surprised as you! Truly I am. I love how happy I am to be back in that hot room. I love sweawting. Many times this is my favorite 90 minutes of the day.

On another note…And slowly but surely I’m managing to let that guard of mine down little by little. And you know what? The more you let it down, the more you allow happiness to enter your life. I'm done being afraid of being hurt again. Oh sure, it might happen. But we can't live our lives being afraid. We have to open up and just see where things go. Life is good my friends. And life is meant to be lived.

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead. Not sure how many days I'll get to the studio this week with work so crazy, but hoping at least 2-3 times. And then Friday....CELTICS GAME. Yay!

Enjoy the evening.

Cheers and Hugs! Traci


  1. I'm sooo happy to hear you are letting your guard down! Good for you woman!
    p.s~ my email is if you want to keep in touch IRL. :)

  2. Back to the hot room!!! Yay!

  3. Thanks Michelle! "talk" to you soon :)

    Big G: OMG! It feels so, so, so amazing to be back. Better than I could have ever imagined.

  4. Hey Traci! Thanks for stopping by my dead blog. :)=
    So glad to hear you went running with no pain. That is HUGE! I know you struggled for so long trying to be patient and heal, and it sounds like all of your determination and focus paid off. You are a strong woman! Hope "other" things are going well for you too....I think you know what I am referring to! Be open my friend....

  5. BYC: Feels so good to be pain free! I feel like between the hip an foot I have been working with pain for about 5 months. Yuck! So happy I was smart and listened to my body instead of pushing through it. "Other" things are going ok too. Trying my hardest to keep an open mind. Not always easy girl! "talk" to you soon. :)