Monday, April 12, 2010

HI! Remember me?

Hi everyone!  Hope you all are doing amazing.  Things here in the Boston area are so beautiful right now.  It was like overnight Mother Nature brought everything back to life.  The birds are chirping, the grass is green and the flowers are pushing through the now thawed out soil and my favorite...The leaves on the trees have come out.  We have green leaves on the trees again!  The tree right outside my office window has these amazing white flowers.  So pretty I find myself gazing at them many times a day. You can just feel how alive everthing is.  Spring, it is so good to see you!  See ya later winter! And of course all this make us all feel more alive.  It's like we are bears are coming out of hibernation.  People are out and about more.  Runners and walkers are hitting the streets again. And people in general just seem happier. More smiles = good!

Anyway...I know it's been awhile since we last spoke but things are going great.  I had my first great run last week (on a random 90 degree day!).  It was amazing.  I think I was smiling and singing the whole 5 miles. Ya, I'm that crazy lady running down the street belting out a tune :).  For the first time since my foot injury I had ZERO pain.  I was in my glory.  Words can't express.

And my Bikram yoga practice?  What can I say? Loving it more than ever.  Yesterday was one of those classes that leaves you elated.  It was truly perfect in every single way.  I was suprised to see so many people in class given the beautiful weather.  But it was a good size class and still lots of newbies.   I think I just appreciate my running and my yoga more than ever since having to take a break.  Injuries will do that right?  It's kind of like you never know how much you will miss something until it is taken away from you. I see how lucky I am to be able to run. To be able to practice my Bikram. I'm also very lucky to have great friends and family who had to listen to me whine the past few months!  Thanks for listening to me know who you are :). Lucky...that's what I am.  I know it.

Well...I hope you all have a great night and a great week ahead!  Keep smiling guys.  Frowning causes wrinkles and really...Who wants wrinkles?  :)  And if you are having "one of those days" look at the sunshine, look at the beautiful trees and green grass and I promise a smile will form on your face.

Cheers and Hugs  and Smiles to you!


  1. Welcome back Traci !! Is your Pink Panther still practicing yoga ?

  2. Big G: Thanks! Missed you guys!!!

    Cirita: Thank you! Pink is still going strong. He managed to practice Bikram when I couldn't :)

    Talk to you guys soon! Thanks for reading.