Sunday, May 2, 2010


Amazing! That word pretty much sums up the weather here in Boston this weekend.  Truly amazing.

Hard not to take adavantage of it so no Bikram this weekend.  Nope. The idea of frsh air sounded more appealing. Now is the time to really enjoy lacing up the running shoes, cranking up the tunes and truly appreciating a good run.  Since my injury i have really come to appreciate the fact that I get get out there again.  Yesterday I did my nice 5 mile loop.  I forgot to time my run (oops!) but I felt I really pushed it at times.  Trying to get my speed back up there.  It'll happen.  After my run I felt great. Energized and happy.  Don't you think 99% of the time after a run you feel like that.  So good.  Heading back out for another run this afternoon and of course looking forward to it. I have my long run planned today.  It will be a good test for my foot and hip. First up on the agenda today though...Go Buy New Running Shoes!  I'll be sticking with Mizuno.  Been wearing them for years and they just feel best on my foot.

All right guys...Just wanted to check in and say hello.  Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the spring!

Enjoy the afternoon!



  1. Ah, nice weather is the best! Hope you made it through the clean water shortage fiasco!

  2. Hey Michelle! Water issue was a major pain but we got through it. We have clean water again!

  3. i love the nice weather we've been having here, too. Finally!