Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bikram + Run = Bliss

Hey guys!  Quick post...

Awesome Bikram class Sunday with Chris.  Truly awesome. Really worked every single posture to my max. Chris is very good about pushing me there.  He's always behind me saying "Go right to your max Traci.  It's a really awesome max!" When you truly do every posture with 100% effort you can notice the difference. Felt so, so good! Left the studio dripping with sweat and I could not have been happier.

Great run tonight.  Perfect weather and I was singing along as I cruised the streets.  Loving seeing all the dogs out again.  In the winter I miss running by them and playing with them!  There are these two boxers who I swear wait for me to run by.  Then they jump up and down and run the length of their fence with me.  Love it.  It's at the end of my run and always gets me going. Gets me every time. Was grinning from ear to ear.  Nothing like a good run (or yoga practice) at the end of the day.

Foot feels pretty damn good...Happy to say.  Still not perfect but so, so much better.  The hip flexors not 100%.  Might never be.  But I just take it easy and stretch it out.  Feels good to be back and sweating!

That's about it for now. Need to grab some dinner as I'm famished!  Enjoy the evening.


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