Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hope summer is going great for everyone. Summer here in Boston has been just amazing.  We could not ask for better weather so far. Well, if you like it hot and humid it's good!  And of course I do!  To me this is perfect running weather.  Although after my run last night I think my face stayed red for quite a while and even my ears were sweating...but all in good fun.

It truly just feels so good to be back to my runnning with ZERO pain. After my injuries a few months ago (hip flexor pull and stress fractured foot) I felt as if I would never run pain free again.  I feel so happy and lucky everytime I hit the road.

And if I ever start to think "ugh, I really do NOT feel like getting changed into my running clothes"...I stop that thought and remember the injury days when I COULDN'T run.  I remember how frustrating it was.  And then I'm good.  I feel so lucky to be able to tie up my Mizuno's and hit the streets.  Doing between 5-6 miles a day, 5-6 days a week right now.

I've also become one of those runners who sings while she runs. Just out there having a good time!

And Bikram...Oh I have taken a break from the studio.  I just adore being outside. So while we have this great weather I opt for more running than yoga.  I do at home yoga to stay loose though. Great way to end the day. 

Alright guys...Just wanted to check in.  Enjoy your day!



  1. Good to "hear" from you. LOL.
    Glad you are enjoying the nice weather. Plenty of time to escape to the hot yoga room during the dead of snowy winter!

  2. BYC: Good to hear from you too. Hope all is great for you in Vegas! I shudder at the thought of .....snow.... ick! Talk to you soon! Sending hugs from Boston

  3. Yes, it's hard to stay indoors when the weather is nice. We sort of have the opposite problem in Vegas. No one really wants to go for a run when it's 115 degrees outside!